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blog redux

I was talking with a friend about this I used to keep it it helped me keep and organize my thoughts and really helped me travel through some dark and dangerous times.   It had been years since I laid my eyes upon it.   So I sat down on Sunday and looked back through my life.   I have to say there are pages I can't look at, there are pages that brought beautiful memories back and to be honest, it brought a ton of guilt because I found it filled with memories of Asher, ones I had previously forgotten about...and none of Greyson as he grew.   My last regular posts were in 2012...SO.MUCH.HAS.HAPPENED...Greyson is going into the FOUTH grade!   The last regular posts on him was when he was only 1!   So...much...guilt In saying this, I really want to resurrect this blog.   I want to throw my musings out there, so I always have them.   I want to vent, with hopefully not many eyes on my words, because this world is becoming an extremely unsteady and unwanton pl

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