Letter to my son

08 April 2011


My dear, sweet boy,

You are such a joy in my life. You test me every single day...but you are a joy. You bring so much laughter to my heart and you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. You are so young, yet I see the love you have for your Mama, Papa and brother already. You are a comedian and musician and I just want you to know how much I love you and admire your light. You are going to grow into an amazing boy and then young man and then man. And it will be an honor to watch you grow and learn and love.

You are obsessed with marching bands. Every day, all day, you march around with a stick pretending you're the drum major or play your 'horn' or drum as you walk around the house. You raise your legs into a high kick march and shout as the MSU band does on game day. You ask to watch the MSU band march into the stadium on youtube, day after day after day. And you sing the fight-song all day long. You also sing it if we pass a football stadium. It's pretty funny.

You don't understand personal space and I find it endearing and annoying at the same time. You want to love on people and hug them and lean against them at all times. Your friends don't understand, and I know you feel bad when they push you away. You aggressively love on me, Papa and Greyson to the point of hurting us, but in your mind, you're just showing us how much you love us. You have recently started to give "big hugs" which is an Asher style bear hug. Your strength is pretty crazy!! But I still can't get enough of them...even though they hurt a bit!

You love your little brother. You truly love him. And it melts my heart. Though you think he's indestructible and it scares me, your love for him is undeniable. You love to hold him and cuddle with him. You cry if he can't share your story/song time before bed. You want to be the one to wake him and carry him to the car. You're an amazing big brother Asher. It will be an honor to watch you teach, love, protect and defend your little brother in the future. You guys are going to be quite a pair.

Greyson loves you so. He watches you whenever you're around. Once he notices you, no one else matters and he just smiles his big toothless grin and watches you. It's so fun to watch, my child. I can tell that he already looks up to you.

You are polite and sassy in the same sentence. You're sensitive and brutish at the same time. You're 100% boy with no qualms about dressing up with the girls. In fact your favorite accessory at your friends houses are princess high heeled shoes! You're smart and silly and a ham. And well, I just love you to pieces. I just wanted you to know that. You are a challenge and a joy to raise and I love every single ounce of you. You're a blessing. Truly a blessing.

love you Mama.


07 April 2011

I've wanted a new necklace for a while now and with the arrival of Greyson and Mother's day coming up, I think I need to make my request to the hubs. The problem is that I can't make up my mind! Wanna help a girl out? Which do you think it cooler?

this one...
or this one...Oh, and I want this too!