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new-fangled bento's

Looky, looky what I just bought Asher...

Asher's very own little Americanized bento box! Although I prefer the look of the traditional bento boxes, I think this Americanized version will suit the needs of my little boy with all his big food needs. I can't wait to get it! It will be so much easier packing his lunch now. Right now, I use 4-5 little containers packed with something yummy and throw them all into either a lunch cooler bag or a cloth bag. But now, with this cool bento, I can have all his food in 1 container, but separated by individual contains and it closes and slides into a thermal case. So cool! Plus I found a coupon for %20 off. Sweet!!

Veggie-moo burgers

Tonight Asher tried beef for the first time. He liked it. I made little burgers and stuffed them full of veggies and cheese. Very yummy.

Here's the recipe.
16 oz. of organic beef.some cooked cornsome cooked peassome cooked carrots
some cooked zucchinisome cheese (I used parmesan)throw in some herbs ( I used garlic powder)shape into 1" round patties and pan fry.
I was able to make 16! Although the organic beef was pricey, I think making 16 burgers works out great. I wrapped them in parchment and then threw them in the freezer. I plan on baking them to re-heat.

Black Bean Burgers

I've adapted our bean burgers for Asher by adding veggies. They're so yummy and I think I'll probably always make them with the veggies for us as well.

Here's the recipe:
2 (15 ounce) cans of organic black beans, rinsed and drained. I smoosh them...not all of them, but maybe half of them...
some sweet onion, minced
1/4 cup shredded raw zucchini
1/4 cup of corn, cooked
1/8 cup of diced, cooked carrots2/3 cup bread crumbssome garlic, mincedItalian seasoningground cumin
2 whisked eggs
salt and pepperAdd all together and form into patties (I'm going to start forming them into sticks for easier storing and cutting, but patties work well too).griddle or pan fry with little to no oil.
These freeze and re-heat beautifully. I re-heat by pan frying them with no oil.

Salmon Cakes

I wasn't sure that I wanted to start the journey down the fishy road, but after talking to Asher's Dr. about DHA, I realized that I should start introducing salmon. I found a few recipes, but as usual I wasn't sure about them, so I made my own. Asher LOVES them. I used 1 frozen salmon patty. I have no idea the weight...but it was probably 4"x3". And you could use any kind of fish...but the salmon was lovely. You could also use canned salmon.

small piece of salmon (use your judgment and double or triple the small piece made about 8- 2" patties). bake and fork apart.
about 10 fingerling potatoes (or 6 small redskins). Boil half and keep the other half raw. shred 2 whisked eggs yolks in a bowl
add 1/4 cup pureed spinach...I used cooked, but I think raw would be great. I only had cooked on hand. Next time I'll experience with more veggies.
add some Parmesan cheeseadd some onionadd the salmon and cooked potatoes and mix w…

Breakfast Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been Asher's breakfast mainstay from the beginning. I make 1 cup of oatmeal (which then makes about 2 cups cooked) that I keep in the refrigerator and it lasts about a week. Every day I spoon out some and serve warm with fruit puree, fresh cut fruit and plain yogurt.

The oatmeal I make is 3/4 cup rolled oats and 1/4 cup barley. When cooking, I usually add a little clove, allspice and a lot of cinnamon.

The puree can be anything, but as of July '09 ours has: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, mango, peach, plum and apple. I make tons and freeze in portions.

The recipe:
spoon out about 2-2 1/2 tablespoons of oatmeal and place in a pan (we don't have a microwave...but, you could place it all in a micro too)add some puree and warm. place some some fresh fruit in a bowl...I usually add strawberries, bananas and avocado. I smash it or cut in it into small cubes...but you can do what ever you want.stir in the oatmeal and top off with about a 1/4 a cup of plain…

Baby food

I've been making Asher his food for the past 7 months. The first 4 months or so were incredibly easy. All fruit and veggies, steamed and then pureed or mashed and then frozen in cubes and placed in the freezer for easy thaw and eat yumminess. Then we started to add some meat in and then breads and whole foods so he can finger feed himself. but lately I've really been trying to look and think outside the box for new meals.

Although Steve and I eat a lot of organic foods, it's not all organic. And with Asher, I'm still a bit organic crazy. I know most folks just start giving their kids whatever they're eating...and we do that a bit, but for the most part he still eats mostly organic meals I've made especially for him.

In an attempt to create new tastes and senses for Asher, I'm exploring new, fun ways to serve him nutritious meals...but they need to be super easy and speedy and it must be able to be made into small portions to freeze. I've searched o…


Yesterday as he was suppose to be sleeping, I witnessed my darling son rip off his band-aid, take the absorbent square off and repeatedly try to eat it. I kept seeing him put something in his mouth over and over again, so I ran upstairs to see if he truly was trying to eat his band-aid, and yup. gross.

Last night Steve told me that he also tried to eat a ladybug as he was talking to a neighbor. He had it in his mouth and Steve had to pry his mouth open to remove it. When Asher gets something in his mouth, he clenches down with all his force and then if you do conquer his chomp and get your finger in there for a sweep, he'll bite you. He's so lovely these days!

After the band-aid and the ladybug, it also seems as if he was going to wash down the two with a little bird poo. Luckily Steve was able to catch him before he grabbed it, but he was walking right for it. The stinker!

What is it with little boys that the sight of any thing gross, impels them to eat it? I love you m…

Major milestone

Steve put Asher to sleep tonight! I nursed him and then came downstairs to let Steve give him his bath, put him in jammies, read and sing to him and it worked! There was some crying, but he was asleep within 5 minutes! Now, granted he was exhausted as he decided to skip his afternoon nap, but he went down! Now we just have to keep it up. I still want to put him down most times, in fact I feel bad that I wasn't there to put him down tonight, but I think we should have Steve put him down twice a week. I like being the last face he sees. But, I think it's the best for both of us. He's 13 months old now. He's fine without me, as much as those words are hard for me to swallow!

Good job babe! And good job Buster Brown! Mama is proud of her boys for finding their rhythm.

DHA supplements and Vitamins

I'm thinking of starting Asher on a DHA supplement and multi-vitamin soon. I'm looking for one without artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors and of course high fructose corn syrup. Any suggestions. I'm leaning towards the Dr. Sears brand, just because I trust what he puts out...but the price tag is hefty and I'd rather find something else. He's not a big chewer yet and I can't give him the big boy I'm kinda looking at the liquid, but I may just go ahead and get the chewys and break them up.

Any way, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Teething blister?

3 days ago I noticed a huge bump on Asher's lower right gum. I figured it was a molar coming in so I didn't give it much thought, although I was surprised a bit at it's size. At his 1 year appointment, which was really at 13 months, he was in perfect health. 32 1/4 inches tall and 25lbs 10oz. But when I asked her about the molar, she seemed a bit surprised about the size and she didn't feel any tooth underneath. She told me not to worry. He doesn't have a fever, his glands aren't swollen, she just wants me to monitor it. She's also referring us to a pediatric dentist in case things don't clear up by next Friday.

Have any of your kids had a blister above one of their teeth before it broke through? The blister is normal flesh colored and it doesn't appear to have any fluid in it, it doesn't seem to bother him either...but it's kinda freaking me out now.

It's a seasonal thing

I've been looking for a sand pail for a week now. Store after store have been sold out. When I ask someone if they carry sand pails, their answer is always the same. 'We did carry them but we're probably sold out.' To answer my question of 'Do you think you're getting any more in?' , they respond 'Probably not, it's a seasonal thing.''s a seasonal thing...I get that...but it's JULY people! Who doesn't go to the beach or play outside in July? What about August and September? Seriously? Is it really too late in the season to carry any summer items?

This is just plain silly to me. Thankfully Grandma has saved the day and found one. But I think it's kinda sad, that in July, it's painfully hard to find a sand pail. I don't get it.

My fav's from Asher's photo gig

I know I've already posted a few of Asher's photo's but we just got a few more that were reverted back to full color and I got so excited about them, I had to post more. We went once again to my friend Kristy. She's an amazing photographer. I highly recommend her! Here are a few of my favorites, although there are so many that I love it's hard to pull out just a few!

Mr. model at 1 year of age.

Here's one of my favs from Asher's 1 year photo shoot with Kristy. Click to see more.


for all of you out there who have been waiting for the news, we're not preggers. bummer. I didn't think I'd be so bummed but I am a bit. Maybe it's just that I finally embraced the idea of being capable of nurturing and raising 2 children. I don't know...all I do know is that I was bummed to discover last night that I truly wasn't pregnant.

Ya know it's funny, when you're trying to conceive and then waiting for the day you can test, you can really talk yourself into thinking your pregnant. I remember doing it when we were trying to conceive Jorai and then Asher, and it's been the same this time around too. If I'm more tired, go to the bathroom more, more sensitive or emotional or name it...any heighten sensation must mean that I'm preggers. It's silly really. And it doesn't help that my loving husband consistently says 'I think we're going to get pregnant this month' Which I know I should trust since…

Wanna snapify your cloth diapers?

As I've mentioned before, Asher likes to un-velcro his bum genius diapers and de-robe. Which can be frustrating, especially when he does it through his sleeper and after he decides to fill his diaper. Yucky, sticky mess.

I broke down and bought some snap diapers, which I love...but they're pricey, so I've also been putting his diaper on backwards. It works, but it can be kinda annoying.

Today, someone posted how to change a velcro bum genius to a snap on the GBC forum and I got geeked! I want to try one and if it works, I may do a few more. I still want to keep the velcro on some, since they are so easy to use, but snaps would be so nice!

If you're interested, here's the blog that tells you how to do it.

Asher week 56

Asher week 55

Asher week 54


I have to admit that the main reason I wanted to see Milk was because of Sean Penn. He's one of my favorites. I just think he's amazingly brilliant. But it's been hard to get out to see a movie this past year...And then it won all sorts of awards and that reminded me to put it in our Netflix queue. I had no idea what it was really about, other than a gay politician. Wow. It was obviously so much more than the life of a gay politician. In fact Harvey Milk was only in office for a year before he was assassinated. So there was so much more story beyond his time in office.

What killed me in the movie was 2 fold.
I had never heard of Harvey Milk before. I never heard about how much the gay community was attacked. I mean, I knew about the abuse and slander and discrimination, but I'd never heard about people vying to get their rights taken away, they jobs taken away. And of course it was all started by the Christian right. Why does it seem that most of the judgment…