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2day on my weekly goodwill lunch i scored...and u may too...i walked in and immediately saw 2 brand new metal cafe curtain rods with all the the store these suckers would have been a $50 purchase, i got them for $8. then to top it off, behind the counter i see it, all glimmery...a brand new itrip. $7.88...but not today, today they were 1/2 off...score!
so how can you score? there wasn't only 1 itrip sitting on the charlotte goodwill shelf, there were 2. if you're interested...i may be willing to swing by tomorrow and see if it's still there....though it might not be 1/2 off still beats paying $30 from apple.

i love goodwill!

news worthy?

steves mom got us a subscription to 'the week' 'all you need to know about everything the matters' i'm not sure about it. but it's an interesting read. every now and then though you run across story's like these...

patrick swayze plans to become a rapper. the 53-year old actor...says he's been experimenting with rap rhythms for his next album...and is already known in affectionately as 'craz-e-dawg' in the hip-hop community'. is this for real? i feel like i just read an enquirer article...

in another volume though they feature this little bit of scary trivia:

'Our growing preference for bottled water is hazardous to the planet's health, says a new earth policy institute report. americans alone drank 7 billion gallons of bottled water in 2004, and the worldwide consumption has more than doubled in just 6 years. To bottle and ship a year's worth of bottle water to the u.s., companies such as pepsi and danone burn 1.5 million …

weekend update

i feel like a new person. i can breath, i have energy and i'm not coughing up tumors any more. I'm so joyful to no longer be sick! the weekend was great. spent friday night with the newmans and saturday afternoon with friends. then bolted back to lansing to catch the psalters play at the wired café. another amazing show. these guys have truly blessed our lives. they are such beautiful souls. they have a few new songs that are completely amazing. go listen to badlands. what an amazing song!

sunday noel gave another amazing message on finances. check out his messages here. such a touchy subject for some…but it was amazing and really got me thinking into how much more I can do/save. be a better servant and steward with my money. it's such a slippery slope for me at times. if I don't give all i can away, i end up blowing it on crap i don't need or hoarding it. and if i give it all away, am i really being a good steward? not preparing for the future …


another chance to check out some friends of mine and shake your groove maker. the Psalters will be in town again this saturday at 8 at the gone wired cafe. hopefully i'll be able to drag my sick bum out of the house. let me know if ya want to come. you can check them out before the showhereandthere

still sick

the dance on friday rocked. there were so many people there. the cool thing was that i was feeling well enough to go and shake my tial feathers, the bad thing...i think it kicked my sickness in the arse. woke up on saturday not being able to move i was so weak...come to find out, i have so i'm at work today, super weak, but having to be here since it's the day after a holiday...we'll see how long i last. i don't think i've been this sick in years. yuck
i'm sick...again...argh...

that's all...

Show Me The Kim!

thanks to sean for a new and refreshing look at kim...the new product, it seems, everyone wants to get their hands on...why just look at the slogans.

It's a Beautiful Kim.

You Too Can Have A Kim Like Mine.

Does She or Doesn't She? Only Her Kim Knows for Sure.

They're Waffly Kim.

Out Of The Strong Came Forth Kim.

Aaahh, Kim!

And my personal favorite…

I Like the Kim in You.

want your own slogan??? check it outhere.

wal-mart sucks

great film. not much more than i already knew. but a few things really struck me. so many people who shop there (including me!) shop there because it's cheap...but is it? at first glance, it is. but when you take in all the tax incentives towns give out to the store and all the public services their workers have to use because they're paid so dismally and their insurance is so steep, are the prices still so cheap?

another reason people support wal-mart is that they provide jobs for the community. at first glance, yes they do. but what happens to all the local grocery, pharmacy, clothing and hardware shops in 3-6-12 months. what about all those jobs that are lost when these businesses go belly up. and what happens to our down towns.

i keep thinking about my home town, big rapids. now granted, our down town is still present, for the most part. but we use to have 4 local grocery stores. they're all gone now. now we have super wal-mart and meijer. we use to have lo…

lost n found

i found someone from my past last week...and since then i've been thinking about the summer i met her. how life changing it was. ever had one of those life changing moments that are so engrained in your heart and mind, they invoke intense feelings every time to think about it? i'm thinking about blogging about it...we'll see...sometimes it's hard for me to find words to describe those emotions...maybe someday soon there will be an installment of my 1996 summer. when i seemed to be found

we're watching the walmart movie tonight. Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price. i'm scared...i haven't shopped there in a while...every now and then i break...those dang cheap prices! blasted!! i hate being cheap. to come. cheers

Magdalene Sisters

we watched the Magdalene Sisters on friday/saturday…i got so pissed off, i had to stop it on friday…. here's the premise: for 150 years, ending in 1996, teenage girls in ireland who got pregnant or raped or were so attractive it was assumed they would eventually become promiscuous were sent by their parents/caregivers to prison like asylums run by the catholic church. nuns oversaw day-to-day operations. these girls were forced to work in laundries for hours in silence, they couldn't talk to anyone, including the other girls in the laundry. there are reports of verbal, physical and sexual abuse involving abuse from both nuns and priests. many times girls were brought there under false premises only to find their new 'home' surrounded by high walls topped with broken glass and barb wire, locked gates and bars on the windows. girls were imprisoned for life unless a family member returned for them or the nuns decided she was allowed to leave. thirty thousand women were …

ipod blues

my pod has the blues...which in turn gives me the blues...i think i may have to restore it which will in turn, will delete all my songs. blasted technology. i'm sad. and i hate this icon!

on the flip side...i get to eat omi sushi tonight and then kill myself trying to roller skate. should be fun... i think i'm gonna have to bring my camera to catch all the fun!