sweet site

31 January 2006

i was perusing my friend k's latest ready made mag when i noticed an ad for a site called indie bride... letting my curiosity take hold, i jumped on the web to check it out. i just happened to run into something amazing...in our conversations of...if we ever get married...steve and i talk about not registering but asking for donations for certain charitable organizations...i mean come on. we're old! we already have too much crap. and that's just what we'd prefer, but how do you go about something like that especially with gift buying family members who honestly don't care what you ask for? well, this was on the indie bride site justgive.org. they have 1,000,000 organizations you can register for! sweet.


27 January 2006

i finally bit the bullet...and i know, it's not pink (i could always paint it!) it's mine...all mine...guess tis means i' serious enough to go the distance right? or crazy enough..anyway, Steve's geeked about the new addition. this summer will definitely be an experience!

check her out ( and think of her in pink!) ~


23 January 2006

when do you know when the end comes to something? what if it doesn't feel or look like the end? what if you don't want to give it up? how do you discern what GODs will is for your life? how can you discern what are your wants and what are GOD's? i search but find no answers. all is quiet. the harder i hold on, i have to ask myself why. as easy as it this comes, why is there so much confusion. blessings abound , yet so does confusion, fear and darkness. where do i search for the answers and how long do you wait for other searchers?

will this move you?

20 January 2006

thanks to dan for this site. guess it kinda correlates with my previous post on how you can make a difference in this world...check out these scary statistics and rather than looking away, do something about it...

on a side note, pat and the boys at CBN really piss me off.

daytime tv

19 January 2006

i try not to watch too much tv. as i've mentioned before, i can get pulled in. and before i know it, i have shows that i have to watch every night of the week. so, rather than getting my lazy bones out of the house, i prop myself in front of that hypnotizing box and zone out. but, i have to confess that i have started to watch a show. at first i was amazed that it was what it was…primarily a social justice show. so what show am i talking about? the oprah winfrey show. i know what your thinking here…a talk show, like all the others, but surprisingly it's not. the majority of the shows are on social justice issues concerning women and children. with her celebrity status and a bit of money, 3 of the most wanted sex abusers in the US were found within 1 month when she aired a special and offered a reward for their location. she brings countless charitable organizations on to discuss the sex trade of children, child army recruitment in Africa, AIDS work, orphans in China, bono and the One campaign…you name it. i got on her site today for the first time and realized she had an entire page of charities that are all separated into categories. it's amazing. so i just wanted to get the info out there. do what you want with the info, but check the show. most times it hurts to watch. it hurts to see the pain inflicted on people, but i need to hurt. i need to feel others pain, to snap me out of my comfort zone, that keeps me switching the channel when I would rather think the world is right and good. i think we need to be informed about these issues. we need to do something. whether it's starting an organization, supporting an organization or just flapping our jaws to inform others. so, just check it out…


"Think about what you have to give, not even in terms of dollars because I believe that your life is about service. It's about what you came to give to the world, to your children, to your family."
~ Oprah


rough day

18 January 2006

i was praying this morning for GOD's strength to fall upon me this morning because i feel so weak. work had been getting harder and harder. more pressure, less time and a lack of patience and no help. so i'm about up to my earlobes with disdain for my current job. but GOD placed me here for a reason right? so, i'm trying to suck it up and be strong. well, i walk into work and up to my mail box where a find a degrading little memo from my boss...needless to say my weakness became...well...more weak. i almost packed up and left. but i calmed down and started once again, searching the jobs sites...i'm asking for prayers please. prayers for a new job, if that's what GOD wants, and patience and strength to preserver. thanks guys.

pat and the boys

16 January 2006

all right...so i have a bit of an anger problem when it comes to crappy 'christians' who hide behind the conservative 'Christian' right putting down people left and right and turning their cheek as they pass all the hurting along side the road. their words cut and divide and tear people from the love and forgiveness of JESUS. just as what happened to me for the first 27 years of my life. so...because i have a hard time finding love for these people, i'm leaving it to matt to breach the subject of the latest pat robertson vomit that hit the airways. thanks matt

winter morning with steve

born into brothels

11 January 2006

born into brothels. this is a brilliant documentary about a photographer who began photographing Calcutta prostitutes in 1998 and quickly became involved in the lives of children from the red light district. by living in the brothels for months at a time, she quickly developed a relationship with many of the kids who were often terrorized and abused. she started teaching these children photography and building relationships with kids who would most likely follow in their parents steps. by reaching out to these children, they saw hope for the future with some even breaking through the red light districts bondage by starting to walk towards a future rather than falling into the life of prostitution in their early teens.

Please check this film out and if you feel lead, support the cause. here are some links…the first is about the movie and kids. the second is all about the project which is now in haiti, jerusalem and cairo.



here is an excerpt from Kids with Camera's web-site.

'Kids with Cameras' upcoming priority is to further empower the children of Calcutta's red light district by creating a school and campus specifically for them. Existing schools in Calcutta are hesitant to admit children like those featured in Born into Brothels, simply because of where they are born and raised. In the rare cases that schools do accept them, the children are often further stigmatized and limited in reaching their full potential. Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment, to provide the highest quality education available in the world and to support the children all the way through to university.

We are working with internationally renowned architect, professor and founder of Architecture for Humanity, Cameron Sinclair to develop and construct a design for the school's campus that reflects our vision of a holistic, loving and innovative approach to education with an emphasis on leadership and the arts. We hope to promote unity, social inclusion, and environmental responsibility, and provide an educational and cultural framework for children to change their own circumstances.

We believe that every child deserves the right to an outstanding education. By ignoring one child's potential, we have missed yet another chance of witnessing greatness.'

lansing sub-culture retreat.

06 January 2006

the lansing sub-culture retreat is happening this weekend. It's at the Little Pine Island Camp in Comstock Park, MI. An amazing weekend of seminars, fellowship and worship. the speaker line up so far has Matt Debenedictis from Revolution Ministries, Chas and Mandie Oliver from Thee Anchor Ministries and Bryan Kemper from Stand True.

check out the link if interested. i would definitely recommend checking it out. it's $50 for the weekend (overnight included) and $35 for commuters.

hey y'all. just wanted to spread the word that psalter jay is sitting in his brothers band " righteous tongue" tonight at 9 pm at the garfield lake tavern in olivet, mi. it's a funk jazz thing.

also the illalogical spoon is playing in jackson on sat. jan 7th at the thunderbird.

we can't make it tonight but are planning on being at the thunderbird. if anyone needs a ride, let me know.

i got sick on sunday. the dr thinks it's strept throat. blasted sick crap. i feel better today and am actually at work trying to see the computer through my drug induced haze...wish me luck...