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would you know what else to do?

when mike wallace was asked on NPR this morning why he's still working at 87 he said;

'because i wouldn't know what else to do'

this scares me! there are so many things that you can do n this world. it's just crazy. i'm only 30 (yes, i'm admitting it) and i can't wait to retire. i'm just in shock.
ultimate 2005 kid quotes from the flagstaff ells

'this soap smells like whales.' Grace (2)
'let me see. It does smell like whales.' Jackson (4)

'are you mad at me mama? GOD says to let go of your anger.' Jackson

Christmas cheer?

i struggle with my temper when I come across 'Christians' who with one hand advertise that they're Christians while with the other hand spout off negative, judgmental, mean, uncompassionate crap. the main reason i didn't accept JESUS into my heart until 2003 was because of 'Christians ' like these. i couldn't see JESUS. the people who followed HIM didn't reflect HIM. it wasn't until I met steve and saw JESUS in his eyes and felt HIM alive and kickin the first time I stepped into riverview, that i knew HE was real. not that I'm immune to being a hypocrite. With my overflowing bag of 'things I need to work on' hypocrisy is stretching my bags seams! there are many times I screw up. but it's the uncompassionate mean spirited, self-righteous judgements that I have such a difficult time dealing with. i'm praying about it. asking for HIS grace to fall upon me, asking for HIM to form me into a patient and quiet person so i won't spat…
i'm not a huge angelina jolie fan but steve and I saw an amazing movie last weekend, beyond borders

it's about a woman who is compelled to help out in the humanitarian fight in the Ethopia famine and quickly joines the UNHCR. when I first saw the trailer I thought it would suck. but not only did i think it had a good story line, it brought back all the struggles we've had previously in places like Cambodia and Chechnya. it really did a great job putting the UNHCR and world relief organizations on the map with their struggles and at times inability to help people. just a suggestion…go rent this. or, wait form me to by it so you can borrow it. it really was a great movie


while i'd rather be living some where other than the cloudiest city in the world (ok, maybe not THE cloudiest, but it's close!) it could be worse...check out this ice storm that happened in lake geneva, wi. yikes!

today's been hard. i'm sleepy and i get to deal with super selfish people who are draining me. stinking energy vampires!

but on a positive note. greg d. has resurrected bink wink. smiles thank you :)

west coast calling

i just applied to a world vision job in washington. why does this freak me out so much?

trying to make your own angel

go K go!
i've had nightmares for 2 nights in a row. all night long. what's going on? same stuff, just different scenarios. i think i'm going mad. u may want to keep you distance. i may be contagious!

i absolutly love the fact that when i'm having a poo of a day, my man can still put a smile on my face. he can just cut through the crud to save me from more coming down the pipe. you rock baby!
alright. i'll be the first to say how ignorant i am. brought up in a very pastey white household, we weren't taught many worldly things and the school system was dreadful on that front as well. not blaming anyone, just mentioning how uni-cultural my life was. white, white…white. i didn't know what was out there. i yearned for diversity and leaders unlike those i was taught, but i never saw them. Martin Luther King Jr. for instance. i don't recall ever being taught of his ways. and Mahatma Gandhi, he was just a guy i knew was all about peace and fasting. how wrong I was, or more, just plain ignorant.

the past few years i've been diving into these amazing leaders. what their lives were like, what they struggled with, stood for and accomplished. i feel cheated never knowing who these people were. the reason we have Pakistan and India is because of Mahatma Gandhi. India use to be 1 huge country ruled by Britain. filled with Muslims and Hindus, but ruled by the British. …


i have all these thoughts and ideas in my head but when i try to make them legible, it just doesn't work...phooey! so i just wanted to say that. i have tons of Christmas thought flowing threw my brain and other crap i want to spew out to y'all but, i can't seem to become very articulate today...maybe someday

thank you

i ran into someone today i used to work with. she said another position will be posted in the beginning of the year and that she'd love to have me on her team. hmmm...this would be pretty cool. please keep me in your prayers so i may know HIS will in my worklife.

tick tock

have you ever felt like something you're waiting for is a waste of time? what if it never happens and you've spent so much time waiting and wanting. i feel like that sometimes. i felt it on saturday. it scares me. maybe it's another run away thing.

but today, i feel like i could wait for years. i don't want to, but i could.

waiting...the bible says to wait on the LORD. i feel like i wait n nothing happens...then i get poopy and feel like a spoiled brat. i'm such a spoiled brat. i hate that. why can't i just find a way to be patient?

television zombies

steve and i've broken down. we're ordering cable. i'm ashamed. but excited :)
it's only the basic i can't get too zombied. hopefully...