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looky how preety!

Japan's biggest power company is teaming up with Subaru's parent company to develop environmentally friendly electric vehicles that can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge.Fuji Heavy Industries will provide Tokyo Electric Power Co. with 10 vehicles based on its Subaru R1e minicar, and TEPCO will develop a recharger that works in about 15 minutes, the companies said last Friday.TEPCO plans to use the new experimental electric vehicles as company cars. If they operate well, TEPCO aims to replace about 3,000 of its company vehicles with electric vehicles as early as 2008, the companies said.get more info here...


NEW YORK ( -- DaimlerChrysler is set to bring the fuel-efficient subcompact Smart car brand to the United States in 2007, according to a published report.

weekend update

so tonight's the night folks...we're emptying my little house on pacific and starting to fill Steve's...and then tomorrow we'll be having a huge garage sale to sell all the crap we've both accumulated after living these 30 odd some years.

it's amazing how much crap one can keep, that's for sure! so we hope all will go well. that the move goes quick, which it should since we only have to move furniture. and we hope the garage sale goes well. if it doesn't, VOA will be getting one large truck load of stuff cause it's not coming back in!

yeah, i know it's late...but...

5:55 @ Celebration Cinema Nacho Libre be there or be []

and btw, i just noticed that celebration has discount movies every tuesday ~all day for $3.50 on select movies...kinda cool.

and an inconvenient truth...that al gore documentary is coming June 30th...

and of course...mark your calendars for Sunday July 9th...11ish in the morning....Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest...although this will definitelyhave to be at cheapy movie here folks!

on the mend

i'm healing...although my voice has dropped a few octaves and i'm sprouting a new patch of chest hair...just kidding!... although the roids do dry me out. i can't seem to drink enough water. it's crazy...i don't really understand how they work, and honestly at this moment, i don't care! i feel great. thanks for all the prayers!!

i've had about as much as i can take with this job. it's so stressful that i leave all tense and crazy. so, i've been searching for months and throwing my resume out there and I just decided today that i taking the bull by it's horns..I applied to 7 jobs today. most of which i'm not qualified for and a few that will scare me if i get them, but what do i have to lose? right? so lets see, from today's possibilities, i could be a copy editor for a paper, a human rights activist, a publicists, a pharmaceutical rep or a special events coordinator for an art museum...what fun...and hey, maybe something will pan…

ivy update

although 2 days ago i would have said i was getting better, it looks like the devil weed just sank his daggers in a bit deeper. went to the dermatologist today and confirmed my fears, it's getting worse. come to find out, i'm hypersensitive to the crap and i should have been on a high dose of roids for a long time...rather than a step down each day. so because my system didn't have the roids it needed to fight off the crap, it started to win again. which makes me a bit tempered right now...i'm sick of it all i tell ya! so i'm back on the roids with vengeance. maybe i should start drinking protein shakes and popping aminos.

actually, it's really painful. if you have a chance, some prayer would be appreciated...thanks guys
i went back to the dr. today for them to check out this craziness all over my body...she said it was the worse case of poison ivy she's ever seen...great. so now, i have an appointment to see the dermatologist on thursday.

on a positive note, steve is pretty much cleared, so that's cool. he's still a bit itchy but all cleared up for the most part. praise God for that.

and as a side note...huge garage sale at steve's will be happening on the 24 of June...come on over if you need anything...we've got a lot. 2 kids in their 30's combining all their crap into 1 household makes 1 giant garage sale...well, and there will be a few more folks in the sub joining in...9-4 (i think). be there...or be []


lately, i've been trying to get my hands on all the music i use to own back in the day...all the music i had on LP's and tapes...queen, fear, they might be giants, old school u2, weezer and of course depeche mode. depeche mode use to be my fav. didn't go a day, and let me tell ya, if you want to see an amazing show, go see depeche mode. but, everything i had was on tape and then when i got to college, my music taste changed a bit and i set down the old classics. But recently, I've downloaded them to my ipod and i am amazed at how amazing they were and ocntinue to be. i know i sound like an 80's glam girl, and that's fine..but come on, david gahan and martin gore...i just can't get enough...i know, that was bad..if you're too young to remember the band or ya just want to enjoy the boys again, here ya go!

happy joy

the house sold! happy times. didn't get as much as i wanted, but it'll be gone and out of my hands soon and that's dandy enough for me! they want to close in june, which will save me a whole nother month in mortgage and utility payments. i will be so joyful to sign everything over.

in other news, i'm still fighting the cat scratch fever. i'm about ready to lob off my arms and legs. this has been the craziness ailment in my life. it seems never ending. it makes me think of Job when GOD allowed satan to cover him in boils. It makes me realize the pain he must have gone through, so i guess for that reason, i'm glad i have poison ivy. GOD teaches us through all things right? it still sucks though! if anyone reading this doesn't know what poison ivy looks like, GO FIND OUT! it absolutely blows to have...i'm going on 2 weeks now of blisters...little sleep, little remember...leaves of 3, let be...and if you don't and you find yo…


so after a week of intense itching and feeling a bit under the weather, a co-worker looked at me and said ' YOU HAVE CELLULITIS!, GO TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!!'... the yelling was a bit dramatic, but i guess it can be serious. crazy.
Cellulitis (sel-u-LI-tis) is a potentially serious bacterial infection of your skin. Cellulitis appears as a swollen, red area of skin that feels hot and tender, and it may spread rapidly.

Left untreated, the spreading bacterial infection may rapidly turn into a life-threatening condition affecting the tissues underlying your skin and can spread to your lymph nodes and now i'm on a week long antibiotic and 2 week long steroid treatment. which is interesting, i never new steroids keep you up. i haven't been able to sleep for 2 days and i still have tons of energy...i can see why people get addicted to the stuff, i could keep going for days. i'm roiding it.