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ever have one of those bosses

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that tells you to do something, so you do it and it's not what she wants either because she didn't explained it well or has changed her mind? this happens to me continually in my new job.

i love what i do. i get to talk to people about their health all day. i get to create programs and help them set goals to improve their health. what could be better than that? but it's all the other stuff i'm asked to do, then re-do, then do again. and it's things that typical management will want you to do that really isn't necessary and if anything will draw away from the patient needs.

i love this job. it's the first job i've had in a while that i enjoy. i've really tried to make it my own and a few folks here have commented on all the changes i've made since the last person left and how beneficial they've been to the program. but unfortunately, non of these comments have come from my boss. all i get …

you know you're 17.5 weeks pregnant when

**mood: excited to watch lost tonight!
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you cry when listening to copacabana...ridiculous...

sanjaya makes a little girl cry

steve and i were watching american idol last night and were amazed to see this...

i mean, maybe i'd shed a tear or two, while i was in middle school, when bretmichaels would sing every rose has it's thorn. and don't get me wrong. i think sanjaya's pretty cool...not the best singer and not someone i think should win...but i think he's a cool cat.

but seriously, what's up with this little girl! crazy!!! it totally reminds me of my 80's rocker band days with lighters and tears but without the hairspray, tight pants and makeup.

steve and i are still voting for chrissligh

wireless help

my laptop was taken away from me at work and i was given a desktop in the 2 counties i work in. it was the only computer that seems to pick up the neighborhood wireless. our apple doesn't. we needed to get wireless in the fall anyway, but now we really do need to get on the ball. it's hard not having internet at home!!!

what wireless provider do y'all use? are there any cheap ones out there? we have comcast cable but no phone line. who's doing what with wireless in the lansing/holt area? any info would be greatly appreciated!


**noise:all will be well - laura bates and brandonfoote

we're home from flag. it was good to be around family. good talks were had. beautiful hikes were taken. fish taco's were consumed. fun play with the niece and nephew which also included many reality checks of whats to come in the following years! and of course lots of thrift shopping and relaxation in the 70 degree weather, which included this large glowing orb floating in the was nice.

and to top off the experience was a stop at in and out burger. our first fast food burger in a long, long time. it was lovely. i love in and out. i wish all fast food had it's quality.

on a side's nice to be home. in our quiet spaces...does that make me a bad soon to be parent? i think after spending a full week with a 3 and 5 year old, we're a bit nervous! guess we better live it up while we have peace and quiet!

ohhh yeah, i think i can feel the baby!! super cool. i usually always fee…


**mood:still sick
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last night steve and i just happen to flip by the NAACP image awards when Bono was being presented with an award. if you didn't see this, watch it. he's such an amazing public speaker. he makes me want to do more. the end of his speech reminds me of the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. simply amazing


**noise:rattling in my lungs

i'm sick. poop. it's been 3 days now and i'm still at work. nothing green. so that's good. but i still have some kind of crud in my lungs. it sucks being sick when you're pregnant. i don't want to take anything, but i want to at the same time. they say sudafed won't hurt the why is my heart telling me not to take it.

i want to go home