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ever since i started working more in hastings, a woman has begun to call me kimi. no one else calls me that. only 1 friend calls me kimi. nut really, it's just family that calls me by that nickname. not that it bothers makes me feel like a little girl again, but it doesn't bother me...i just find it funny. every time this person sees me she calls me kimi. in a small way, it kinda makes me feel loved. like i've reached the rung of friendship that a nickname is required. isn't it funny how something so little can make you feel loved. :-)

wedding photos from Travis

**noise:my workmate...she's not very happy

we got our wedding photos back from Travis! Go check 'em out!

Wedding pictures from Travis


**mood: sad
**noise: the heat still...this office is too quiet!

i was just chit chatting with a co-worker about faith and church. she said that a church just doesn't fit her unless the message makes her feel guilty. this saddens me.

Christmas Star

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**noise: the heat

Steve and I went to see the Nativity Story last Tuesday. in the movie, they symbolized the "Christmas Star" as planets/moons aligning to make a bright light. Yesterday I researched this in google and came up with these 3 (of many) links. Pretty interesting and super cool. I'd never heard this before.


Read the text in the blue box near the top of the page. To go to the next page, click on the next tab in the top right corner of the blue box.Here are a few more resources.

someone please kill me now

**mood:wonderful yet annoyed
**noise: electronic toy

a woman i work with has this hideous electronic santa that when you pinch it's foot, it plays 'shout' Christmas style. EVERY TIME she walks back to her cube and multiple other times, she plays it. she seriously sits about 4 feet from me.

I want to grab santa and throw him against the wall. so help me if she plays it again...


**mood: elated
**noise: crunching on carrots

go see blood diamond. what an amazing movie. finally the horrors of this atrocity have been put up for all to see. when steve and i started to talk to folks about the conflict free diamonds he gave me, so many of them had no idea what we were talking about. maybe now they'll understand.

one of the lines in the movie was something like 'If people thought the diamond on their finger may have cost a child their arm, maybe they wouldn't want it'.

unfortunately, this act doesn't just happen in the diamond happens throughout the consumer world. as hard as it is and as much as we all want to remain ignorant of the perils of consumerism, i urge you to become informed of the products you buy. Are your clothes, furnishings and household stuff coming from sweatshops? Is your coffee laden with chemicals that burn the children's bodies who have to pick the beans? that's a lot out there to learn...but i urge…

electric cars, blood diamonds and fasting

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**noise: work mate

go rent thismovie. it's amazing. and i didn't even feel like watching a documentary. i was pleasantly surprised. complete astonishment. seriously. go watch it.

tonight Steve and i are going to see blood diamond at ncg @ 6:55. if you want to come, come. we'd love to hang with you!

prayer request: please pray for our friend steven, who has just embarked on a 40 day fast. please pray for his strength and health and most of all his communion with Jesus.


sin and forgiveness

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i think i need to blog about's two fold and i'm getting dirty on this one...a bit crass..if you don't like that, don't read it.

i'll start with sexual addiction first. this is a huge problem. it's been swept under the rug for too long and i think it's time we pull the rug out from under satan's feet. this is my opinion..but i think most sexual addictions come from a hurt past. someone who was hurt sexually at any age, someone with an absent mother or father, someone who was hurt emotionally in relationship, someone who was lied to over and over again and felt they could never again see the truth in another man or woman we, as emotional, sexual beings, act out in hurt and loneliness and sometimes just to scratch an itch that seems to have been itching for years. some of us face daily addictions to porn, homosexuality, love (which we seem to seek out in poor ways)...we act out and then lie about it because it…


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one punk under God

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I just got word of this. if anyone has the sundance channel, check this out. Jay Bakker has a new series about him on wednesdays @ 9pm starting on Dec 13.
The premiere episode of One Punk Under God, a new Sundance Channel series about Jay Bakker (son of Jim and Tammy Faye) is being offered as a free download on iTunes until Dec. 12. It airs Dec. 13

get the preview here!

looks like you may be able to download them on itunes too! sweetness. if i can't download them on itunes, i may be asking if someone can record it for me...

a'la natural

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my friend krista bought me some mrs. meyers natural cleaning products for my wedding shower and i've finally gotten around to promoting them. go check them out. they have essential oils and actually work super well. You can get some of the products at world market, but if you go directly to the website you can see all the goods. they come in 3 'scents' lemon, geranium and my personal favorite lavender. they make you whole house and body smell amazing. they have a hand soap and lotion that's amazing and it's actually a non-antibiotic soap, which is getting more and more difficult to find. anyway, go check it out. they rock. oh yeah, and they're cheap (for natural products!)

yes, i am a consumer whore

**mood: well
**noise: co-worker singing Christmas carols...someone kill me now!

i work in 2 separate towns. some days i'm in charlotte and other days, hastings. when i got my new job, the days i spend in hastings increased to at least twice a week. in the past few weeks i've realized just how much more i enjoy work when i need to be in hastings. it's quiet, the folks are nice, they actually come over to talk to's amazing. but the downside is the food. they have snack day every week where a different group makes snacks for everyone and non-snack days, there are still snacks! today there was lemon squares, banana bread and pizza. last week, cream puffs, a cream cheese cake thingy, and cheese. i feel like i'm becoming rotund. this food thing is horrible. i feel like i'm living in palace. i keep thinking about all the folks in this world who haven't eaten in many of our clients can't afford to eat, and yet i sit here in my…