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Broken Things ~ Julie (and Buddy) Miller

Totally random. But today I've been a bit weepy...not sure why...hormones or the loss of the house we really wanted or exhaustion...I don't know and it doesn't matter. But as I was sitting here tring to complete my BSF study for the week, this song popped up. It's always held such a special place in my heart so I wanted to share. It's Broken Things by Julie Miller. Such a beautiful song.

You can have my heart Though it isn't new It's been used and broken And only comes in blue It's been down a long road And it got dirty on the way If I give it to you will you make it clean And wash the shame away
You can have my heart If you don't mind broken things You can have my life if you don't mind these tears Well I heard that you make old things new So I give these pieces all to you If you want it you can have my heart
So beyond repair Nothing I could do I tried to fix it myself But it was only worse when I got through Then you walked into my darkness And you speak …

roller coaster of life

A friend came up to me last night to tell me that I've been on her heart and in her thoughts and prayers, or more so, my losses have been. And I was touched. It's been a while since someone has told me that they have been thinking of our losses. And so we started talking about loss and trauma and such and I was telling her that I've gotten to a place where I feel OK about things. I mean, don't get me wrong, it still sucks and I miss them like crazy, but on a day to day basis...I'm OK.
Since losing Jorai, I've wanted to get a memorial tattoo. But I'm not really a tattoo kind of person. So I could never make up my mind. Then when we lost Selah, again, I got this itch to do something. I think it's part the pain of the actual tattoo, plus the permanence...almost saying "OK, try to take this away!" As I shake my fist...But really, it's just something I can always look down upon and think "yeah, my baby girls are right here.".…