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I thought after losing my girls, I would be better at dealing with death.  I would be that shoulder for others to lean on, the strength in the depths of despair and maybe I am for those I don't know well, but the more life I live, the more death that surrounds me, I find myself turning more and more inward.  Especially when it hits close to home. 

I've always run away from the hard times in life.  I don't like conflict, I don't like disagreements, I don't like knowing or thinking anyone is frustrated at me.  I had a friend tell me last week that I worry too much about what people think of me.  And it was one of those times where it took me a back, and frustrated me.  And then it smacked me square in the face.  Yes.  I do.  I care too much.  Maybe that's a reason why I run.  Maybe I'm just a coward.  Maybe I just don't deal well with hardships.  I don't know.  But I do.  I care too much and so I hide.  

Death.  It always creeps up on you completely una…