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decisions, decisions...

Two Fridays ago, when I originally had the induction talk with my doc, who was the one originally pushing for it, I was really apprehensive. I was stuck between two scares. One, that my child will flip back into breech position in the week + that I would wait to go into natural labor...and two, having a medicated, rushed labor that was never in 'my plans'. But after a ton of thought and a full week of major apprehension and worry that the baby would flip back into the breech position, I knew that being induced on Friday/Saturday was the best decision for us.

Now that my induction isn't even scheduled until Tuesday @ 4pm, I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it. Tuesday @ 4pm is only three days until my due date. So is it even worth it? 3 days? I mean, it would be horrible if the babe flipped within those three days, but what's the possibility of that? I'm assuming the baby is super engaged by this point, so would he flip?

Having an non-medicated, no…

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Cuteness will follow this post. I've just realized that I haven't updated my Picasa photo page since I'm going to try to get updated tonight. Here we go....


Wow. I just realized how long it's been since I've updated my blog. Wowza!

So let's see...Asher is amazing. He is growing so fast and talking a ton and making us laugh every day. He has successfully potty trained himself, with our help of course, and we're oh, so proud. He still wears a diaper for naps and night, but many times he wakes dry. He hasn't poo'd on the potty yet, but I'm just so proud that he's in big boy undies all day that I really don't care.

He's huge. He's a whopping 43 pounds and yet I can feel and see his spine and 6-pack! His waist is really looking thin, yet he has to wear all 4t clothes at 2 1/2! I was able to keep him in 3t pants up until a few weeks ago but now, I've had to pack them all away. He's growing through clothes so fast it's ridiculous!

He loves to help me cook and help Steve wash the dishes. He also likes to 'help' with any home improvement or fix-it project. It's so much f…