sleep schedule advice

31 August 2009

I need advice from all you mama's out there. Asher's daily schedule is so mismatched that's it starting to become a royal pain. But I want what's best for him and am willing to keep things as is if that's what's best...but I'm also willing to change things up...anyway, please advise me!! :-)

Asher has had the same 'schedule' since probably around 7 months or so. He wakes anywhere between 6-9, is awake for 2 1/2 hours and then goes down for a nap, which lasts anywhere from an hour and 1/2 -3 hours. He's then up for 3 hours and takes another nap, lasting around 1-2 hours. At night he usually is always down by 8, with the exception of Saturday night where he's up until 8:30/9ish.

My problem is that I have no idea when he'll wake for the day. Though it's usually around 7-7:30, like I said, it could be as early as 6 and as late as 9, which throws off his naps. Today, since he slept so late, I pushed him a bit and didn't put him down for 3 hours and 15 minutes, hoping he'll take 1 long nap and then be able to make it until bedtime.

I would be willing to start transitioning him to 1 nap, but on days where he wakes at 6, he's exhausted by 8:30/9 and needs a morning nap. It's almost as if his body isn't ready to wake at 6, but his brain is...and there's no getting him back down! But this morning he woke at 6:40 and I knew he was still exhausted, so I nursed him and laid him back down...he fell right back to sleep until 9. I was surprised that he was actually tired by 11:30 this morning, since he got 13 hours of sleep last night. It was hard to push him the extra 45 minutes.

We miss out on play dates and it's getting hard to schedule Dr. appointments now without a babysitter available since I never know when he'll wake up or nap or anything. It's just so hard to plan our days.

Should I just leave things as is and let him work things out? Or should I try to help him get on a schedule? Again, as frustrating and annoying as it is to never know what the day will entail, I would rather him be happy and rested...which he seems to be...but I do want what's best for him too. Would it be better for him to be put on a better schedule? And if so, what should I do?

Any suggestions would be lovely. Thanks in advance ladies.

TransRockies run

26 August 2009

My brother is running in this crazy race in Colorado called the TransRockies. It's the second year he's participated in it. The race covers 113 miles from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek Co., through the heart of the White River and San Isabel National Forests. The course includes a mix of single track and forest road with nearly 25,000 feet of elevation gain, reaching altitudes of over 12,500 ft. It's crazy. But he loves it.

Today he was featured in the video for stage 4. Pretty cool. He's the one on the left of the screen before it starts...his actual clip starts at 1:59. I'm pretty proud of him. He may be a bit crazy, but he's a rock star.

7 weeks

24 August 2009


This pregnancy has been so different than the other 2. With Jorai, I was oblivious and elated. I had no idea of the horror I would face at 28 weeks and so each and every day was exciting and truly wonderful. I was a little nauseous, but only if I hadn't eaten in a while but other than that, I felt great. With Asher, I was petrified. Utterly petrified. Every day I felt blessed to have him growing within me, but I never could allow myself to truly enjoy my pregnancy. I was always on edge. I loved feeling him within me, but I also freaked out the second I couldn't feel him. Plus I was exhausted. Totally exhausted.

This pregnancy I'm more exhausted than with Asher. It's to the point where I can barely function...but ya know what, I always get through the day! And I know I can. And the cool thing is that so far, I haven't felt petrified. I've worried here and there, but for the most part, I'm just elated again, like I was with Jorai. It's so funny because I really am dragging my butt through this exhaustion and I'm more nauseous than with Jorai or Asher, but through it all, I'm just super excited...a bit nervous about taking care of 2 crazy babes...but really, just excited.

I thought every pregnancy after losing Jorai would be hard for me, just as my pregnancy with Asher was. But I'm just simply excited for this baby. I'm not checking for blood or worrying everyday about losing this baby. It's been refreshing for me. I'm able to enjoy Asher as well as this new baby. I hope this feeling of calm continues throughout my pregnancy. It's been such a surprising feeling.

Baby 3.0, we can't wait to meet you!!!


16 August 2009


Pregnancy exhaustion has hit with a vengeance. I'm pooped. I slept 8 1/2 hours last night and have already laid down for an hour and 1/2 this morning and I'm still pooped. My asthma has started to kick into effect too, which doesn't help the tired feeling. I refuse to start my medicine this early, but I don't think I'll be able to hold out too much longer. I have a feeling that it's going to be a long 1st trimester. I was so exhausted when I was preggers with Asher I could barely function, but now I have to function since I have Asher with me all day. Oye. And I can't drink coffee either. Maybe the exhaustion won't last too long. A girl can dream can't she?!?


12 August 2009

I just got a letter from the Ingham County Health Department telling me that 'one of the best ways to protect my child is to make sure he has all of his vaccinations'! They sent this to me because the State of Michigan's Immunization Record shows that Asher hasn't gotten any vaccinations and they want me to know about a health fair where I can get him up to date.

I knew about the
State of Michigan's Immunization Record since I worked in 3 different health departments, but come on. I never thought I'd be getting reminders sent to me. As if it's not a constant thought on my mind already.

And truthfully, the verbiage of
'one of the best ways to protect you child is to make sure they have all of his vaccinations', kinda freaks me out. I'm not totally against vaccinations as I've said in the past. I think they have saved countless people from sickness and death, but I also believe that there are better ways to give these vaccinations. I'm not sure when we'll start and exactly which ones we'll give our son and which one's we won't, but we'll do what we think is best for his health. I think it's strange to be receiving correspondence when we have signed a wavier against getting vacc's at this time.

It's kinda like a car salesman that keeps calling you in hopes of selling you a car even when you've told him that you don't want a car. I think it's strange. And I assume, we'll continue to get these for his entire childhood, since he won't be getting all the vacc's most kiddos get. joy.

vivid dreams


One thing that always weirded me out in pregnancy were the vivid dreams. They seem to take hold and flip your night world upside down. You wake up not knowing what's real and what's not, because your dream life felt so genuine. There were times I would dream about Steve cheating on me or leaving me and I would wake up gutted and pissed. It's so strange how real a dream can feel.

Last night my dream involved a friend dying. There was a funeral, an open casket with him inside, cold, stiff. All of his friends were there and we were all bawling. sobbing. The entire dream was guttural. I felt nauseous. The worst part is that it felt like it lasted all night. I would wake up and fall back to sleep in the same dream. To the same sadness. The same people all crying and the same full casket. I could smell the essence of death. It was horrible. And I still can't shake the feeling. I'm still feeling a bit gutted.

What is it with pregnancy that brings on these dreams? And why do they all seem to involve bad things? Why can't I have a good sex dream, or an all you can eat sundae bar dream...or just a dream where I'm laughing all night with my friends and husband? Why did I dream about my friends passing. That just plain sucked.


It has already begun

08 August 2009


Today, as I was getting myself ready, things seemed to go swimmingly. My shower was lovey, the clothes I picked out matched...but things seemed to come crashing to a halt when I went to prep my hair. I shook the moose bottle, sprayed it in my palm, rubbed my hands together and then smeared it on my face. face.

I think I have a problem. I can't believe I just admitted this! oye!

Pregnancy brain has begun...Lord help me please! If you see me with abnormally shiny skin, know I must have put moose on my face rather than lotion and kindly let me know.

New life

07 August 2009


There's a new life growing within me. A little child being formed from 2 crazy minuscule cells. I still find the entire process amazing and life changing. I'm pregnant! wow. Our due date is April 13th, 2010. WOW! I just realized that. We're going to have a 2010 baby! Crazy!

I'm so excited, so thrilled to be pregnant again. But I'm also a bit petrified...can I handle 2 kiddos running around the house? I know things will just happen and everything will simply fall into place. We'll find a new rhythm to our lives...but it's kinda daunting. There has only been 1 time where Asher has even allowed me to hold another baby without tears and screaming, and that involved being able to play with a puppy. By the time this new child will be born, he'll nearly be 2, so maybe he'll understand a bit more...but it's scary. The unknowing. Exciting but nerve racking.

Wow...I'm really pregnant again! My third pregnancy. Third pregnancy in 3 years. Now that's crazy! I already feel more at peace with this pregnancy than I did with Asher, which is a relief. I wasn't sure how I'd feel... I am SUPER early on in my pregnancy, but so far, I haven't been anxious. I haven't been fretting about losing this child. I wonder if those feelings will come later on in pregnancy, which is sad since that's when most people relax...but obviously I have a history that plays a role in that. I don't know...right now I'm just at peace and I'm excited. I don't know what the future holds, but for now, for today, I like thinking about a future with 2 babes in my arms.

I know I have time...but one big question I have is, should I have the kiddo's share a room, or should I turn the guest room into another children's room. I want them to share a room when they get a little older...but until the littlest one is 1 1/2 - 2, I'm think having them in separate rooms may be easier on the kids...with nap times being different and nighttime nursings....but I don't know. This new baby will be in our room for at least 3, if not up to 6 months. So it's really no rush, but I'm just trying to think it though. For those of you with multiple children, what do you do? And do you think I should start looking for another crib? Or should I get Asher a big boy bed, since he'll be at least 2 when the new baby will need a crib.

SO many decisions to make in the next few months. Another mountain to tackle is diapers...should we buy more, or make do with what we have...It's kind of funny how much your mind starts running as soon as you find out you're preggers! And I'm not even a planner!

Wow...I'm pregnant. So cool. I can't wait to meet you lil' one. 8 months my sweet.