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so funny yet so true...

You Are 44% Girly
You're a little girly, a little boyish, and probably a whole lot indie.
You have your own unique style, and it pretty much defies gender lines.How Girly Are You?

shaking it

i'm not sure how many folks read my ramblings, but if you're out there reading, i need your help. steve and i are starting to look for songs for the wedding and because we're a bit picky in the music department we've decided to place all songs we want played on my ipod for the DJ. so hopefully we won't have any chicken dance, electric slide or ymca crap playing. this is where we need your help. what song(s) get your booty out on the dance floor? what makes ya groove? let me know! please…

joy and 30 days

i finally found something i like in chartucky! having a horse drawn buggy pass me as i'm driving down the road. i'm thankful for that 1 little happy nugget.

on a side note. steve and i just got the 30 days dvd in the mail yesterday from netflix. we watched the off the grid episode, which was amazing. but the show in general is amazing. i don't know why this was never done before. there are also episodes on a straight man living in a gay world and a mom living in her daughters binge drinking life. here'sthe wikipedia page on the show. here'sthe FX page on it. go check it out. it's super cool.

so far past the line

ya know that line you draw in your little imaginary world? the one that you know if you cross it you've reach a point that marks the end of your nerves? i'm there. i'm actually about 14 miles past it. it's amazing to me the ability i find to get out of bed and drive to work each day. and i'm even more amazed at how i find the strength to make it through without throwing my arms up in the air, screaming my little guts out and walking out. which, if i'm being honest, i've almost done twice this week. i even said flibbin in a meeting. yeah, i know, real professional...but i've had it. i've so had it.

so why is it that i can't find another job? i figure God has me here in my own private nightmare for a reason...wish i knew what it was. ever think that the nightmare would be so much easier to deal with if you knew why you had to endure it? can you tell that patience is not one of my virtues? please pray for me...i have a hard time contro…

the coolest and most useless item i must have

i forgot how cool urban outfitters is. i need to start shopping there for more useless but super cool stuff. i think i have a problem of wanting to be cool but failing miserably...too funny!


i didn't forget my wallet last wednesday...i lost it somewhere in transit from ikea to lansing on i lost my debit card, my drivers license, 20 bux, insurance cards, 60 bux on a speedway cash card (guess in the long run i didn't save money!) and worse...2 free beaners cards.


i'm bummed...but i'll get over it...though i'll miss those 2 coffees!

have a great weekend everyone!

and i'm still waiting to sink my buns in those overstuffed chairs at the chartucky coffee house and enjoy a nice cup or red-eye over a good book. guess it will have to wait until next week!


my favorite local port angeles band finally got a myspace. I encourage to check out their site here . they started out as Tongue and Groove. which rocked but once Kim and Jason got hitched they broke away and started this bluegrass band (deadwood revival) which equally rocks. their band site is here

they rock it, so go check them out and buy their stuff!


coffee haven blues

i forgot my wallet...this sucks.

guess i'll just have to watch a grey's anatomy episode...yes, i'm officially addicted. i have a few issues with the show...but the positives far weight out the negatives...i'm almost completely caught up, since johnny was able to download season 2 for me…i know, i'm bad…but i'm not going to keep them. so i guess this is my confession… they'll be deleted shortly.

i guess tomorrow I'll get to go to the coffee house.

coffee haven

i've been working in chartucky for just over a year now and it's been tough...i mean, the job is the most stressful job i've had, but what's worse, is the town. i feel trapped here. there's nothing to most days for lunch, i continue to just sit here at my desk. i do go to goodwill once a week, but you can only go there so many times as the selections don't change that often! and in the summer, the park makes a nice place to read, but that's about it for the fun things to do in charlotte. until now...yes, ladies and gentlemen, chartucky now has a coffee house, stocked with overstuffed chairs and wi-fi and yes, even a decent red eye. i'm so stooked. i brought my book today and am all set to sit in quiet and read...just a lil slice of the big city smack dab in the middle of no where. i feel refreshed. i now have a lil haven during the work day.

happy happy, joy joy