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finding it hard to submit

**mood: frustrated
**noise: an annoying halloween laugh that goes off EVERY TIME someone walks past gets walked past a ton...i'm glad it's yoga night!

i know i need to submit to people. i usually i don't have a problem with it. i let managers at my work make the decision even when i disagree. i may interject a suggestion here or there, but for the most part, i allow them to make their own decisions whether i agree with them or not and then just sit back and see what happens. i know that i've learned tons through all the MANY mistakes i've i hope others learn through their mistakes. but sometimes i want to make a big stink when i don't agree. when folks are being silly and aren't thinking right i want to stop the presses and do it myself. i get frustrated when i don't understand. today, i didn't understand.

in starting my new job i get a new toy. a handheld planner. which i was really excited about. in my old job i had a bla…

too funny

**mood: smiley
**noise: someone yelling away in the hallway

i recently saw a few pictures my big brother took at the wedding. this one cracked me up. as i recall he said 'look scared'...i'm not sure i mastered the 'scared' look, but funny nonetheless!

wedding slide show

**mood: queasy
**noise: two of us ~ Aimee Mann & Michael Penn

for those of you who are interested, we finally figured out how to put video up, so you can now view the elusive wedding slide show that we couldn't seem to get working at the reception until after 10...our friends Matt and Krista made this montage for us. it's long...about 15 minutes, but if your interested in seeing steve and i growing up, click below...


got it

alright. i think i figured it out, although there has to be an easier way...i will figure this blasted thing out!

mac woes

**mood: frustrated
**noise: landed ~ ben folds

switching from a pc to a mac is so frustrating. i want to be more patient with the whole process but i can't seem to figure out how to even burn a flippin disc. argh...i know it can't be this hard...i feel like an idiot...and i'm about to smash the stupid thing against the wall...ok it's not stupid, i am...but i don't want to throw myself against the wall.

thanks for the ear, i needed a good scream, even if it was just through my fingers.

what will you tell your kids?

**mood: sleepy
**noise: gracie ~ ben folds

there's a post rolling around this noggin of mine regarding the war...and i always hate posting about the war, so i'm trying to be as elegant as i can...more to come. but thought i'd first post this as a precursor...

my chemical romance

i'm not sure about these guys...i need to listen a bit more, but steve and i saw this video in mexico, of all places, on our honeymoon and were blown away. they were on SNL last weekend and i wasn't impressed...but i still think the video is sweet. enjoy.

walmart sucks

**mood: shaky
**noise: soul suckers ~ amos lee

y'all know i despise wally world. and i hope y'all know how hard it is for me not to shop there, since i tend to be a penny pincher. and i realize that there are many families out there that need to shop there for financial reasons...but i do ask that you at ;east be aware of their work ethic, or rather lack there of....for more info watch the video or go to

also, no worries, but my breathing has had a rough go the past few weeks, and since i hate taking my meds, i haven't, just hoping it would go away but it hasn't. so i'll make ya a deal...if you could throw up a few prayers for me to get control of my breathing situation, i promise to start taking my meds...please?

thanks ~ and enjoy the video...


**mood: elated
**noise: remind us ~ over the rhine

well, that was the fastest job hire in the east. I applied on friday, had an interview at 9:30 and was offered the position at 11:45. sweet! here are the details...if you didn't already know, i was an emergency prep. coord. i was the main planner for a 2 county wide health department. it was brutal and the most stress i've had to carry in my life. it got to be so bad that steve and i had already made the decision that i would quit if i were to get pregnant, if not sooner because it was affecting my health. so, now details on the new job...

i'll be one of two health educators for the same 2 county spread, helping folks understand their health ailments and medications...i'll also be doing outreach to local agencies in health related topics. in essence, i'll be back in education, which i love. and virtually no stress!!! i am so excited...we're still not sure when to make the the latest it …


**mood: anticipation
**noise: still computer fuzz

thanks for all the prayers you shouted up. i think i just landed the job. more news to come, but after talking to my current boss (i wanted to give him a heads up that i'd applied to a different position) he has encouraged me to think i'll get an offer later today.

and i have to say that my boss rocks. i've had many lousy bosses. and it's such a blessing to be working for someone that i feel, truly cares for my well being and that is here to help make my work life as enjoyable as it can be. i have an amazing boss.

prayer needed

**mood: nervous...a bit...maybe more apprehension
**noise: computer hum

i have an interview @ 9:30 this morning. this new position would be a MUCH needed change. please pray for me.


wedding video

**mood: elated
**noise: hallway noise

we just found out that Aaron posted our wedding video and highlights on his business website! sweetness!! so if you want to see it again or if you didn't see it and want to, go to this ~

To see the video, click on the tab that says 'samples' (you may need to scroll up or down to see this option). A page book will turn and give you 5 choices. 4 of them say Steve & Kim. They may take a bit to load, but they're available if you're interested.


also, just posted a few more wedding pics that a friend sent us on picasa. there's a link to the right, but here's another... the folder is 'tooties pics'


ipod woes

**mood: hungry
**noise: a meeting in the other room

we got our's so pretty and fun. everything seems backwards from pc our world though. it'll take a bit for us to adjust, but we're excited to start learning. we do have a problem ipod won't sync up with the mac. does anyone have any suggestions? i'm thinking I just have to 'restore" aka delete everything (blasted!) and start from new...please tell me there's another way...please?


**mood: sad
**noise: silence

our new mac is in lansing...but i can't get to it. somewhere in this town sitting on a lowly cold and dark delivery truck, is our mac.

i'm sad

i fell like veruca salt...but i want it now!!

more wedding photos

**mood: hungry
**noise: the shower

here are more wedding photos taken by my pops and uncle...enjoy

wedding for online album Oct 7, 2006 - 105 Photos

honeymoon photo montage

**mood: still relaxed :-)
**noise: say darlin say ~ laura bates and brandonfoote

i just found a new photo program called picasa...well, i guess it's not so much new, i used it back about 2 years ago, but it's pretty good after spending a bunch of time posting the first few photos of the wedding on the new blog, i switched to picasa. it will allow me to make online photo books that anyone can access, so if you're interested, i've just posted some photos of our honeymoon.


honeymoon pic 4 blog Oct 7, 2006 - 63 Photos

a few photos

**mood: relaxed
**noise: steve making popcorn

Steve and I have created a new blog for our photo journaling and such...we have a few pictures from the wedding...not don't get excited or anything! but we did want to go ahead and post a few. here's the link...enjoy..


**mood: GEEKED!
**noise: steve doing dishes
we just ordered our new mac book pro! sweetness!! we can't wait.

the new Mrs. Newman

**mood: relaxed and of course excited for lost!
**noise: the transfiguration ~ sufjan stevens

so i'm married. wowza. i'm a mrs.... a mrs. newman. so bizarre. but amazing. i love it. the whole experience was crazy. stressful for a while and emotional. and i guess that isn't anything new for me. i'm a pretty emotional person, but the day before, i was a wreck. i was crying over everything and i was thinking that there was not going to be any way that i would make it through the ceremony without bawling...but i did. i woke up sunday morning and felt great. i couldn't wait to walk down the isle. now, as i waited at the door with my poppa holding me, i was nervous. so much that when i looked down i noticed that my bouquet was jiggling all about. and then as the Psalters changed the tune and i started down the isle, i couldn't believe i had made it. made it to this point, with this amazing man. there was so much against us...well, mainly we were again…