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I feel horrible.  I use this blog as a way to reach out to people, yes, but I also use it as a memory for me and my family.  And I have sucked at it lately!  Poor Grey.  He still has no birth story or baby book made.  He gets very little posts about him.  But at least I can say that what he lacks in books, posts and pictures...he overflows with love and laughter and memories fill my mind!  

So here's a catch-up...


What a crazy dude you are!   You're full of it and I remind you of that nearly every day!  You are wild.  Seriously wild.  We breathe to calm down at times.  It's like you are one of those toys where you pull the string and it goes crazy until the string reaches it's stopping point...though you never seem to reach your stopping point!  People often ask me if you have quiet moments and I say "yes, when he's sleeping!".  You go, and go, and go until you literally pass out and sleep.  Though I have to say, you will sit up in your room for qu…

Memorial Tattoo

It's been awhile. I was going through some of my past entries when I came to my previous memorial tattoo post and remembered that I never posted my completed tattoos!  Sorry!

I originally got them in August, but then had them filled in a bit more in October.  They were done in white ink.  Disregard the translucent skin and blue veins!   What can I say, I'm as white as you get!  Anyway, I love them and am surprised by how much people actually see them.  I never wanted a super showy tattoo.   I love them on other people, but it's just not me.  I wanted something understated and there was always something about how the white ink fades and leaves more of a scarred appearance.  As if people can outwardly see the scar my girls left on my soul.  

Anyway, here they are.  Jorai's on my left because I remember holding her in my arms with her head resting on my left arm, and for some reason, I rested Selah's head on my right arm.  I still close my eyes and dream of holding the…