I feel horrible.  I use this blog as a way to reach out to people, yes, but I also use it as a memory for me and my family.  And I have sucked at it lately!  Poor Grey.  He still has no birth story or baby book made.  He gets very little posts about him.  But at least I can say that what he lacks in books, posts and pictures...he overflows with love and laughter and memories fill my mind!  

So here's a catch-up...


What a crazy dude you are!   You're full of it and I remind you of that nearly every day!  You are wild.  Seriously wild.  We breathe to calm down at times.  It's like you are one of those toys where you pull the string and it goes crazy until the string reaches it's stopping point...though you never seem to reach your stopping point!  People often ask me if you have quiet moments and I say "yes, when he's sleeping!".  You go, and go, and go until you literally pass out and sleep.  Though I have to say, you will sit up in your room for quiet time reading and playing legos for nearly two hours.  

You are the biggest lover I know and the most important person to you is your little brother.  It has been awesome seeing you care for Greyson and love on him as you do.  Sure, he's your little brother and you get sick of him at times.  But for the most part you want to be around him.  You wanted to share a room with him.  You want to play with him and you protect him like no other.  Even if Mama or Papa have to discipline him, you either run right up to give him a hug or desperately try to talk us out of disciplining him.  

You love all thing lego, ninja, pirate, Peter Pan and super hero.  You love to play dress-up and play with your "guys".  You're not sure about school, but I think it has more to do with not wanting to miss out on something at home.  You love to draw maps and color drawings for family and friends.  You love camping and now, sledding.  You're hilarious, coming up with funny stories or sayings.  You crack us up on a daily if not hourly basis!


Oh child, you are the stink in stinker!   But what a joy and refreshing breath of air you are.  The first 14ish months of your life you reminded me of an old soul.  You were calm and happy.  Nothing would phase you.  Anyone could hold you.  You smiled constantly...and then something happened over night and the real you sparked to life.  WOWZA!   You are full of it.  The dickens, the life, the laughter, the drama.  Maybe you have a little of Jorai and Selah's personality in your soul because there are times I think your just overflowing with personality.  You have mastered the pout and can even turn on the tears at a drop of the hat.  You can then deep belly laugh about something two seconds later.  

You're a little boy of little, or rather, no words.  So you scream.  A LOT.  Happy screams.  Sad screams.  Wanting screams.  Not wanting screams.  You're sharp as a whip and understand everything we say.  Sometimes in a scary way!   You just refuse to speak.  Sometimes you even refuse to sign...we have staring contests, one stubborn Mama vs. one stubborn boy.  Of course I win.  or you don't get what you want...but they're pretty epic.  When you grow up, no one will be able to persuade you.  

You love all things music.  You dance at a drop of the hat, even when Mama starts making up a song or a commercial comes on.  You have an obsession with the Wiggles, though you only like them when they're singing so I have to sit next to you with a remote to fast forward each time they talk rather than sing.  You walk around the house playing your guitar or flute or drums.  You're just like your older brother in that way.  You refuse to play with any toy that's appropriate for you.  You'll only play with what Asher has.  

Speaking of Asher, the sun rises and sets with Ash.  You beam when he wakes up.  You follow him around.  You hug him and kiss him and have to be next to him at all times...minus when you're watching the Wiggles and think he may horn into your'll do anything Asher says, unless of course, you don't want to.  Then it's "watch out Asher" time!

You're a bit of an aggressive boy.  Not that you're trying to be mean, but there's something in you that has to push or pull.  We're working on it.  But you just love a thick lock of hair to pull or warm body to push.  You love sitting on Asher's back or head and it cracks Mama up every time.  As if you're just teaching Asher a lesson for all the times he wasn't so gentle with you!  

Though you're not yet two, weigh over 30 pounds and are in 3T clothes, you're not much of an eater.  You refuse any and all fruit or vegetables and everything else is on a moment to moment basis.  The one thing you'll eat is sugar.  Whether it's anything carb related or actual'll eat it.  You're obsessed with ice-cream, though we just realized you're allergic to milk.  So we'll see what happens about that!   You also LOVE eggs and will eat up to 6  day.  It's frightening.  Oh and that's 6 in one sitting, not over the course of a day.  You're plum crazy.

You love to snuggle.  You love to give kisses and hugs.  You're a good boy, when you're not being a stinker!.  You are dramatic.  So Very Dramatic.  

I just want to say, I love you boys to pieces.  You're both a work of art.  A messy, stinky, sticky work of art that I just can tear my eyes away from.  You bring my so much laughter and love and I can't wait to see and experience all that we have in store for us in the future.  You are both gems.  unique, beautiful gems.  You have hearts of gold, inextinguishable fires within you, smiles that would melt diamonds and spunk that keeps us all on our toes.  You both rock, my sons.  You rock my world.  My very LOUD world.  And I wouldn't change a thing.  


Rachel J said…
I was thinking about you today and came to say "hi". :) So, "hi."

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