22 September 2006

**mood: anxious
**noise: that's alright ~ deadwood revival

well, this will probably be the last post until after the honeymoon! i just wanted everyone to know that our lost parties will be continuing the day after we get back from mexico...it's the premiere...i think we'll be watching the last episode prior to the premiere too, so if you're interested come for one or both. the premiere starts at 9 on wednesday october 4th. as always there will be stove top popcorn ala steve. we'll start the last episode from season 2 at 7:30. come on over for the premier.



20 September 2006

**mood: marvelous
**noise: hospital food~david grey

4 days...wowza...3 days really...i mean that's when the kickoff is, the rehearsal and dinner and whatnot. this whole process has been super exciting and although i can't wait for our ceremony in front of our family and friends, i keep thinking about how much easier it would have been to just run away. no arguments with family, no last minutes mistakes or runs to the store...it would be nice. but still. we're super excited that Noels marrying us and that the psalters will be there along with two of our friends performing...and the officilality of it all. being married, united through Christ. no longer living as two, but becoming one. how exciting. sunday can't get here soon enough. i can't believe i get to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing man. i don't know how he puts up with me! i feel extraordinarily blessed.

if you could shout up a few prayers for us and our soon to be marriage, i'd appreciate it...and also a few for sunny days...as of now, we might have to move the ceremony in doors...


14 September 2006

**mood: splendid
**noise: how to save a life ~ the fray

saw this on one of Noels emails...i just can't stop reading it. i'm cracking up!

"You can't make footprints in the sands of time with your butt, and who wants to make butt prints in the sands of time?" - Unknown

problem solved

13 September 2006

**mood: excited to leave
**noise: noels podcast

bartender problem solved. thank you, thank you, thank you!

bartend anyone?

**mood: angry
**noise: steam escaping my ears

does anyone want to make an extremely easy 100 bucks (14 bux/hr)? although the place we're holding our reception said we didn't need a bartender, they are now saying we do. i'm trying not to be pissed...but it's not working so well

so here's the thing. i need someone who will sit on their rump shaker and watch people come up and take a beer. oh and make sure there are no underage drinking...which, let me tell you, the few 6 month and five year olds that will be there are some hardcore partiers. it will be the easiest 100 bucks you'll probably ever make. it's from 5pm - 12am on Sunday September 24. If anyone's interested, let me know.

thanks guys.


11 September 2006

**mood: argh...my throat hurts
**noise: next time~barenaked ladies

steve and i decided to get a mac. i'm so excited! we're finally getting back to the real world!! neither one of us have had a computer at home in years. sweet!

2 weeks...14 days...

10 September 2006

**mood: anticipation...sleepy...still recovering from spiral
**noise: a plane

t-minus 2 weeks...crazy but in 2 weeks from now, i'll be married.

how exciting!


08 September 2006

**mood: anticipation...my bachelorette party is tomorrow!!
**noise: are you a dreamer ~ denison witmer

I want to know why most folks in management positions think that it's beneath them to do grunt work? How does a person who worked from the ground up only to make it to power positions forget that they once were the person being crapped on? I'm completely bewildered at this mentality. Only 'secretaries' at my work have to clean the break-room. It doesn't matter if it's not there mess, it's still they're responsibility. This makes no sense.

yesterday i was asked to deliver something. i was asked to go to someones office to pick up a paket. i was then told to call a the secretary so she can come down, pick up the packet, make copies and give it back to me to deliver. why? i have the packet. i can make the copies and give them to the secretary…i have no problem with that…then i get to lansing to deliver the stinking packet, pull up to a meter, put a dime in, thinking it would only take a few seconds to run in and hand off the packet…10 minutes later as i walked up to the security person to ask if the division could be called again, i see the stinking parking lady writing me a ticket…when the security person called the division i was waiting for, she was told that he was 'looking for someone to come down and pick it up'. like he was too high and mighty to get off his lazy corporate management rump…when the security guard told him that i had just received a ticket, he showed up 2 minutes later with an excuse of 'i didn't know you were waiting.'

so not only are you a lazy state management employee, but you're going to lie to my face…
and because i was waiting in a state building for your lazy rump to walk downstairs to pick something up, i get a ticket and have to pay another government agency?

i'm hearing Noels last message ringing in my ear….but blasted! let me just complain and recap…i'm so sick of the typical bureaucratic management treatment of subordinates. if you're in a management position, give us someone we can respect and look up to. not a back stabbing sleaze, belittling., lazy snob who pokes our eyes out as you try to grab another rung on the corporate ladder,. get off your rump and be an example.

second, how ironic is it that i get a ticket from the city, while i was applying for a grant with a government agency all because someone was too lazy to get on an elevator and ride the few flights down to pick up a packet?

ok, so i should have put a quarter in, instead of a dime. and yes, i paid the stinking ticket…

please, please, please…treat others, as you'd like to be treated. if you're in management, be a hard working, non-belittling manager. don't look down your nose at those in lower positions and don't feel degraded in working less than stellar jobs. making copies will not make you look less than a manager!


07 September 2006

**mood: disecting
**noise: into dust~mazy star

the whole blog world is fascinating to me. i blog here, but i also have a myspace, primarily so i can keep up with current friends, make new and find old. it's the finding old friends that's a bit difficult for me. i used to be different...very different. i guess we all were. and it's usually not a problem, but there are some folks that i presume have no idea what to think of me. they use to know the old me. maybe they new the highschooler...the nice and proper, straight girl that hung out with everyone and yet somehow managed to live an almost straight life throughout highschool. or maybe they new the 20 something partier, hipster, free thinking, christian hating, dumpster diving freak...ok, so i'm still the hipster, free thinking freak...but no longer am i the christian hater...i'm the christian. my life has been completely overhauled. spiritually and physically. i've changed most aspects of my life…from my beliefs to what comes out of my mouth, what i put in it, anger control, bitterness and how i spend my money...

today, i realized that an older friend had deleted me as a friend.

one part of me could care less. the main part could care less actually .but there's that little highschooler still in me that cares...wonders why they deleted me...did i offend? am i not cool enough to be shown in their list? but what i really wonder is if my belief system is too much...am i too open with it? is it too much in their face? i don't think it is, but i would also hate to make anyone feel as i once did when the "christian" down lookers condemned me.

its just so strange. i'm not ashamed of my faith or my acts. i'm not even hurt that i'm no longer in this person's list of friends, but i want to make sure that i never make someone feel condemned. that balancing act of showing your faith in ways that folks notice a positive difference in you and not shoving it down their throats...


06 September 2006

**mood: still unmotivated
**noise: good day sunshine~deadwood revival

kids in the way are going to be at the intersection in grand rapids on november 8th...


love addict

**mood: unmotivated
**noise: size too small..sufjan stevens

i just can't get enough of these guys.

tick tock

05 September 2006

**mood: anticipating 5:00
**noise: hallway noise and emmylou harris...slow surpirse

last sunday was the 3 week mark to the wedding. my moms getting a bit flustered! steve and i just can't wait for the day to come. these last 3 weeks are going to fly. i'm not nervous. i keep getting asked that. but i am anxious. and excited. i still can't believe that i'm getting married to the most amazing man i know. i feel so blessed.

i took out my piercing sunday. i miss the flair, but not the apprehension that it may get infected again. i feel so naked though...it's strange.

silly brain

01 September 2006

**mood: excited...it's date night!
**noise: your racist friend...they might be giants

i feel so silly...all day i've been confused about the songs that keep popping up on my ipod. i shuffle it at work but today it's been playing the same songs. it's been horrible but other thank thinking about it i haven't done anything to rectify the problem...

i just looked at my itunes...it was only shuffling my library not the songs on my actual ipod...

i don't think my brain's functioning that well today...too funny

coffee poo

**mood: bummed
**noise: canned heat...jamiroquai

i'm a confessed coffee snob. steve and i buy our fav fair trad coffee from puravida, or he roasts his own. we grind it and only use a french press, drink it with organic creamer.... when we go out for coffee, he gets an americano, i get a red eye. we're creatures of habit. we're picky when it comes to coffee. i should know better, but i don't. every now and then i want to try something different. that brings us to today. i wanted something sweet, but i'm sensitive to sugar..too much and i crash, hard. so i try to avoid high fructose and such, so i was trying to choose at the local charlotte coffee house when the barista, who knows my tastes, suggests to get a strong latte. so against my better judgement, i give it a whirl. and now, i sit here at work with a sour mess of a beverage, and missing my tried and true red eye. he's still a great barista...i just now know that i can't stand lattes.

ahh, the joy of hindsight.


**mood: sleepy
**noise: china cat sunflower...grateful dead

i was hit yesterday and again this morning at just how selfish i am. i'm a brat. i need to change this bratty attitude. if you see it come out, check me on it. please.