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Asher week 46

Asher week 45

Under my crib

Have you guys seen this natural parenting auction site? I haven't throughly looked through it yet, but it looks super cool at first glace. Doens't look like it's getting much play...maybe it's still fairly new. Great idea!!

bath time frustrations

Asher has always loved his baths. They've always been so enjoyable with loads of laughs and splashes. It's been great. Since he's learned to stand and now walk though bath time has become walk in the water time. I constantly have to sit him back down. But as soon as I sit him down, he's on all fours or up to standing. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've seen those bathtub seat those work? Or is this a phase that will go away quickly? It's already been 3 weeks of crazy bath time and I'm about ready to just have him go around being a sticky mess!

Suggestions??? Please!

Missing Jorai

I keep thinking about Jorai's birthday. She would have been 2 this year. I could have a 2 year old. I look at Asher and see what an amazing little boy he's becoming and can't help but to think about the kind of girl Jorai would have been. Would she have been a spitfire like her little brother? Would she be a brut and impatient like Asher or would she be a dainty lil' lady that's soft, gentle and patient? I can't wait to meet her. I can't wait to get to know her and hug her and kiss her. I can't wait to see her eyes and know their color. I can't wait to see Asher meet his sister and see their connection and love for one another. I know our meeting involves us dying, so of course I don't want the reunion to come soon. I want a full life with Steve and Asher...but thinking about being a apart of our family reunion in Heaven, brings me chills and an excitement I can't describe.

I miss you baby girl.

More sleeping updates

After Asher's miraculous sleep from 8-7, the next night he pulled 8-6 and then went back down after nursing until 7:45. Last night he woke at 1, sat up and fussed in his crib for a few minutes and then laid back down and fell back asleep. He woke again at 3, so I went in to nurse him and he slept until 7. I think he's trying to keep sleeping at night, which has been nice.

I'm still working on our new naptime/bedtime routine. He's still standing up in his crib as soon as I lay him down, unless he's exhausted and falls asleep nursing. He fusses and then starts wailing, so I always go up to calm him down and lay him back down. I usually have to go up once or twice before he stays asleep.

Tonight he's waken up three times now in the past 30 minutes. He's woken up crying, he sits up and cries for about a minute and then lies back down asleep. strange.

So, the sleep routine and training ensues. I feel as if I'll be working on this for years. It seem…

aesthetics or functionality?

Steve and I are finally putting in a veggie/fruit garden. We've been talking about it for a few years now, so I'm excited to finally get it in. The problem is that we can't decide on aesthetics or functionality. So I'm asking all of you...which would you pick?

One option is to make 2 triangles. They look super cool. I could walk in-between them to harvest and I could separate the items a bit better. The bummer is that the total footage would be smaller, the beds would be harder to make and harder to put up and draw back a border of chicken wire.

The other option would be to make a simple, but large rectangle. It would hold tons more, would be easier to make, easier to border and did I mention hold a tone more? The only 2 problems would be that it would be harder to harvest the middle of the bed, not too bad...but harder, and the biggest thing is that it wouldn't look as cool as 2 triangles. It's the bigger option which truly is best...but it just doesn&#…

sleeping milestone

As I'm sure it was a fluke and may not happen again for a long time...Asher slept straight through the night last night for the first time! He went down at 8pm and slept straight through to 7am. Of course I nursed him and tried to get him back down for an hour or so, but he was alive and kickin'. I actually woke at 5 regardless and felt the urge to go check on him to make sure everything was still I still didn't sleep through the night, but oh well. It's not about me these days anyhow!

Good job baby boy!!! Keep up the sleepy sleeps.


I just realized that if everything falls into place...or connects...or comes together...however you want to look at it...I could be pregnant again in 8 weeks. Crazy. Am I ready? Would I ever truly feel 'ready'? There are parts of me that feel ready. And thinking that I would have an additional 8 months after that I think we'll be set...but Crazy. Can I handle 2 living children? I feel as if I'm just getting the swing of things, but I hear the second child you bring home is tons easier in the sense that it's not all so new. You know more, you're not so nervous and fresh. I guess it just seems so crazy to think about it.

Last year I was still worried that I'd lose Asher too. There was a part of me that never thought I'd deliver a living child, and now I'm thinking about carrying another baby. Will I be as apprehensive as I was with Asher? Will I be checking for blood every minute of the day? Will movement and pangs and emotions take over …

It took 30 minutes

but he's down! I nursed Asher at 10:15 and placed him in his crib half awake. Within a few minutes he fully woke and stood up in his crib but as always he was just crawling around talking to himself. So I just let him be. It was hard. Harder than I thought it would be. He was fine and mostly happy, but he kept calling 'mama'....'mama'....He fussed a bit too. Never any crying, just fussy grunts and then silence. Silence within 30 minutes. I couldn't see him in his monitor so I went up to check on him and he was fast asleep at the end of his crib. Crazy. Now to see how long he naps for.

I guess my little boy is just growing up and I need to start transitioning him out of the 'baby' realm of life and into toddlerhood. I miss napping with him and bringing him into bed with me in the morning. Now I have to give up our rocking to sleep routine...I know I need to embrace these stages because that's how life's going to be with a child...a …

Sleepy question

Asher is starting to play in his crib at naptime if he's not exhausted and falls asleep nursing. What do you lovely ladies do, or did you do with your 10-12 month old, if they decided to not sleep but play in their crib?

He's happy. He's not crying...he's just hanging out, walking back and forth, talking to himself, taking off his socks...anything but falling asleep. I have been going in there after 15 minutes or so to nurse/rock him down because I'm not sure if he'll put himself down. After talking to a friend just a moment ago, she suggested that I just leave him to see if he does calms himself down. If he's not crying why not, right?

I don't know why I haven't done that yet. It seems silly now as I'm typing this...I guess I'm just used to nursing him and placing him in his crib almost asleep and him just falling asleep...not this crazy energy boy!

Do you all think I should just let him play and see if he puts himself down? How lon…

walking trauma

Asher's walking! It's all a bit soon and crazy, but he's walking! I never thought I'd have a 10 month old walker...but I do. He loves his new freedom...but he also gets VERY frustrated when he falls...and I've turned into a basket case, riddled with fear.

Since Saturday his mouth has bled 3 times. 3. Yesterday he was bleeding so badly I almost took him to the ER. But it stopped and he seemed fine. He keeps falling into things...mainly tables or chairs. Always face first of course. When he's on carpet with a wide open space he'll fall on his butt...but if there's something in front of him...for some reason, he'll lunge forward hitting his head. I haven't seen blood coming from my son since his heel pricks when we had to check his bilirubin levels and now in 4 days he's bled so much, that both him and I have been covered. It freaks me out.

Just 30 minutes ago he fell when holding onto his sippy and the straw part poked him in his ey…

Asher week 44

Asher week 43

Dr. Sears on biting

my breaking point

I'm on the brink of losing it every time I try to put Asher down for his nap. He used to be such a great sleeper. I could nurse him, place him awake in his crib and he'd fall asleep. It's now a wrestling match almost every time. It starts with biting. Over and over again. No matter what I do, he continues to bite me. I pull him off tell him no biting, that it hurts mama and then latch him back on; I yell...loudly NO! NO BITING!!; I pull him off and put him in his crib and leave for a few minutes; I've even flicked his cheek. But he continues to bite me. He will now even look up when he's doing it so he can see my reaction. A few times I've pulled him off, he's actually look at me and chomped his teeth down as almost to intimidate me with his chompers. Then, when he's finally given up his biting techniques and finishes nursing, he will fight me holding him as I try to rock him to sleep. So I lay him down in his crib and he cries. I pick h…

the life of a mama

Before kids, I thought I had it all worked out. How I'd be as a mom, the choices I'd make. I'd look at other moms and think, 'I'd NEVER do that'...but then Asher graced my life and all my 'plans', all my thoughts about parenthood flew out the window and my life completely changed.

I have no alone time...I relish my minutes that Asher is sleeping, yet that brings on a guilt I can't describe. I can't wait until the weekend comes because then I have help and can 'enjoy' my day more...but just typing that brings on guilt! I worry about how Asher is growing, how he's developing. I'm constantly comparing him to other peoples kids and then think 'Shouldn't Asher be able to do that yet?'. My sex life has changed. My conversations with my husband have changed. Simply put, our entire relationship has changed and it's taken a lot to get used to. We're starting to re-connect and find our way back to normal conver…

Do simple swing sets even exist anymore?

I'm continually amazed at how much info is available on the web when you don't need it and how difficult it is to find info when you want it. A few weeks ago I bought Asher an infant swing to hang from our tree. When I came home to install it, I realized that there isn't a limb to hang it from. Ya gotta love planning!

I quickly got on the web to see how much a simple swing set was. Ya know, a small wooden one that has 1 or 2 bells, no whistles. Something a bit like this:

Well, not only is a small swing set hard to find, but boy, are they expensive! Most of the ones you can buy are those huge jungle gyms with climbing walls and forts and crazy play structures. Something like that would be wonderful, but since I don't have $2000 to waste, and Asher really only needs a structure to hold his $23 swing, I thought that maybe Steve and I could make our own. We're not that handy of folk, so we knew it may be daunting, but they look pretty easy to make. …