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I'm a huge Queen fan. Have been since high school. I couldn't get enough of them. I was heartbroken when Freddie died and thought the band was gone forever. And though no one could take Freddie's place, for the first time, I'm OK with someone stepping into the front man role of this great, great band. It seems that Brian May of Queen has been showing interest in Adam Lambert, the runner-up of the latest American Idol show. Nothing is for sure, but I seriously think, if there's someone who can at least hold their own to Freddie's vocals and theatrics, it's Adam Lambert. Not only am I excited to hear the album Adam's going to be putting out, I'm excited to hear his take on Freddie's songs as well as new songs with the band. I'm kinda geeked about this.

To cut or not to cut?

I've enjoyed my short hair but 3 months ago I decided to let it grow. So it's growing. 2 weeks ago I had it and wanted short hair again, so I made an appointment to chop it back off. That appointment is this Saturday and now I'm wondering if I'm making the right decision. Hair takes so long to grow! But I was kinda thinking that I could get one more cut to last through the summer and then start growing it back out. But I don't know. Do I look better in long or short hair??

I've always wanted to go to some amazing hair stylist that knew the exact cut to give me since I have no idea what looks good. But I could never afford that so I'm asking all of you. Should I keep it short or grow it out? Here's some reference for ya. Please help me here!!!




nope. well, we don't think so...but the discussion has come into our lives again. Originally we were thinking about trying for another child in June. Well, June is just around the corner and now I'm asking myself if I can handle another child? Asher is so cool. I'm enjoying him so much and I want him to have a living sibling, but am I ready? Will I ever be 'ready'? It's scary. I want to have another child. But I don't want to be preggers again. And when the babe comes, can I handle 2? Plus Asher is such a great child, will the next one be a crazy crazers?

Anxiety, anxiety!

Plus I'll miss my glass of beer or wine at night...9 months is so long without the refreshing taste of beer or wine! It's well worth it, but boy, is it hard!

naughty boy

I've been having some issues with Asher. It's been hard too because he's such a good boy. We've never really had any issues. He's laid back and loving, but since he's found his new talent of walking he's become a VERY busy lil' man. He's always on the go. He always has to be in something or doing something, which isn't an issue, other than me being exhausted at the end of the day!

Our issue? Diapers. One issue is that he likes to take them off. Preferably after a rather large poo and within his sleeper. So not only do I have a sticky, stinky little boy to attend to, but I also have a sticky and stinky sleeper to attend to. Not fun! To top it off, he has begun to HATE getting his diaper changed. HATE! If I try to lay him on the floor he immediately flips over. If I try to place him of the changing table he grabs a hold of the side and flips himself over. There's grunting and screaming involved. As if I used to beat him as I ch…

My toddler?

I just got one of those baby center emails that tells you about your child but it was for a toddler. I couldn't figure it out and then I saw the age. 21 months. I don't normally get those so it took me off guard, but that was for Jorai. She would have been 21 months. She would have been a toddler. Running around, being all sassy and talking up a storm. 21 months. I try to think of her as a child. Growing, learning, becoming a little girl. Our little girl. I'll never get to see that. I'll never get to know her, not in that sense. I'll never get to watch her grow or hear her laugh. I'll never get to hug her tight after a fall. I'll never get to feel her warmth or hear her heart, I'll never get to see her breath or feel it against my skin.

It's still hard to wrap my heart around. I can't tell you how often I still think of her. She surrounds me. Her spirit is so much apart of me, of us. But it's times like this, where I'm …

Is Asher your only child?

I get this all the time. I always choose to honor my daughter, no matter what the circumstance and so I say

'Asher is our second child, we lost our daughter Jorai at 28 weeks.'

Most times, people then seem uncomfortable and say 'oh, I'm so sorry'. I know that's what you're suppose to say, but it always seems so strange for me to hear it. What do you say to that? Thank you? Do you just change the subject? I still haven't figured it out and it's been 2 years. WOW! 2 years. I just realized that. It still seems like yesterday that we lost Jorai...crazy. It's been a whirlwind 2 years. Sorry, I digress...

Tonight at Riv, I was asked the dreaded question...twice...the second time went as it normally does, but the first time I said my typical response 'Asher was our second child, we lost our daughter Jorai at 28 weeks.' and the response was 'Your big sister is waiting for you in Heaven! My big brother is waiting for me up in Hea…

Garage saling

This past week I've scored some good stuff at some local garage sales. But I've also missed out on a few by seconds.

Things Ive scored:

I also got some cool books, wooden puzzles and a wooden alphabet train.

Things I missed out on by seconds...literally.
There are a couple subdivision sales tomorrow that I'm excited to get to. It's harder to get out with Ashers naptimes...that's why I missed out on a few cool items. But hopefully, I'll be able to get out early and get some more bargains! So fun!!

Should I continue as is or change things up?

Asher's an amazing sleeper. We've had issues getting him down in the past and struggled at the beginning with super short naps, but all in all, he's a really good sleeper. He normally averages 11 hours a night, waking up once...maybe twice. And he takes 2 naps which last anywhere between 1.5-3 hours in length...they're usually 1.5.

He used to be super scheduled...on his terms. He used to wake at 8, nap from 10:30-noon and then 3-4:30 and then be sleeping by 8pm. He still can only stay up for about 2.5 hours in the am and 3 in the pm, but his naps now are determined when he wakes. Which in a way is fine, but on days like today when we have a play date at our house at 1...and he just fell asleep @ cuts things really close. And if this is one of his 3 hour naps, which I highly doubt, but you never know, our afternoon will turn into a mama socialization with friends and babies while Asher sleeps...which isn't a bad thing...but I like him to get his s…

Birthday decisions

What to do..what to do...

I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for Asher's birthday. This is such a huge milestone for all of us. A year ago I was still wondering if we'd deliver a healthy screaming baby and to our thrill and surprise, we did. So much so that Beth mentioned that Asher was the loudest baby she'd ever heard. Thank you God! So now to think that it's already been a year with this amazing little person gracing our lives, I need to start thinking about his big celebration. We want it simple. Simple and small. I originally wanted to invite our friends and his friends, but something in me wanted a small intimate that's what we're doing...and then I think we're going to have a bug summer bbq so we can have a fun get together with friends.

I also think there was a part of me that always wants to invite a crazy amount of people to my parties but then always worry that they'll think they need to come baring gif…

Asher week 47