Garage saling

This past week I've scored some good stuff at some local garage sales. But I've also missed out on a few by seconds.

Things Ive scored:

I also got some cool books, wooden puzzles and a wooden alphabet train.

Things I missed out on by seconds...literally.

There are a couple subdivision sales tomorrow that I'm excited to get to. It's harder to get out with Ashers naptimes...that's why I missed out on a few cool items. But hopefully, I'll be able to get out early and get some more bargains! So fun!!


ShannaKay said…
we have that tent house set :) Kids love it, but it takes up sooo much room. we only have one set up at a time usually :) we're having a garage sale this weekend, selling all of our baby clothes and such if you want to make a trip out :) some toys too. miss ya!
Phoenix Rising said…
That would be a fun garage sale!!! I;m actually making a trip to Big Rapids Wednesday-Friday, but I don't think I'll be any closer to you than Lansing! Nicole and I were talking about maybe making a summer trip over to see you...That would be fun!
ShannaKay said…
you guys are welcome anytime!! have fun in Big Rapids :)

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