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green yuckiness

**mood: well
**noise: the refrigerator

i've been coughing up green tumors for over a week now. i feel fine. no weakness or being tired, no aches or pains, just green tumors and constant coughing. i think it's time for a trip to the doctors.

i'm generally a healthy person, yet since i've been married, i've been on antibiotics 3 times and now am coughing up green tumors. what's up with that?


**mood: recovering
**noise: detroit lift up your weary heads ~ sufjanstevens

after being sick for the past 3 days, i think i've recovered enough to go on with the show. steve and i are planning an organic thanksgiving feast this thursday. if anyone needs a place to commune, come on over. just let us know. i'm not sure when dinner will be...sometime in the late afternoon probably. give us a shout if you'd like to join us.

malaysian sundaes?

**mood: well
**noise: airport crap musak

steve and i met friends at omi last night for a bit of sushi and shabushabu...and decided to hit the parlour for a bit of sundae naughtiness. i know this is old news, but i guess since we were living under a rock for the summer, we had no idea that the parlour went belly up in july. as we walked into the classic red and white building, the smell of malaysian food hit us...there was a bit of confusion on our faces, but soon learned of the switch from ice cream goodness to malaysian food... we were so more naughty sundaes...blasted. on the flip side, has anyone tried this new restaurant? smelled kinda yummy...not as yummy as sundaes, but ya know...

MSU Global Festival

**mood: hungry
**noise: where are you ~ the difficulty

did you guys see this...sounds fun but just another thing to do on sunday! man...they come in droves. MSU Global Festival IT'S FREE!!

Our goal is to create a five-hour global event to promote international relations and understanding between these communities. We accomplish this through international exhibits, games, performances, demonstrations, cuisine and the World Gift Shop.

This event is publicized throughout the Greater Lansing area. In the previous years, it has been estimated that this festival drew a crowd ranging from 4,000 to 5,000 participants. Admission is FREE!

craig gross

craig gross with XXX church is speaking at mars hill in grandville this sunday. steve and i are taking off at 9 to hit the 11am service if anyone is interested...we could car pool and do breakfast/lunch/brunch (whatever) after…let us know if you're interested..we've been trying to catch him for awhile now.


porn and pancakes



**mood: exhausted
**noise: the hum of the heater at my feet

i'm third uti in 5 weeks...this isn't funny. i'm ready for a smack down.