Is Asher your only child?

I get this all the time. I always choose to honor my daughter, no matter what the circumstance and so I say

'Asher is our second child, we lost our daughter Jorai at 28 weeks.'

Most times, people then seem uncomfortable and say 'oh, I'm so sorry'. I know that's what you're suppose to say, but it always seems so strange for me to hear it. What do you say to that? Thank you? Do you just change the subject? I still haven't figured it out and it's been 2 years. WOW! 2 years. I just realized that. It still seems like yesterday that we lost Jorai...crazy. It's been a whirlwind 2 years. Sorry, I digress...

Tonight at Riv, I was asked the dreaded question...twice...the second time went as it normally does, but the first time I said my typical response
'Asher was our second child, we lost our daughter Jorai at 28 weeks.' and the response was 'Your big sister is waiting for you in Heaven! My big brother is waiting for me up in Heaven too!' As sad as it was to know that this lady's big brother is not physically with her, it was strangely beautiful to hear her words.

I always want Asher to remember that he has an big sister. I always want him know that our family is different and I want him to touch others lives in memory of Jorai., just as the lady I was talking to tonight did. Asher may not have ever physically met and touched his big sister, he will always have a big sister waiting for him up in Heaven


Katie said…
so sweet - I like that response!
ShannaKay said…

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