26 February 2007

i walked past a group of people at church last saturday talking about the XXX Church accountability software. i got warm fuzzies.

i know i've posted it before...but i don't care. here it is again.


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When is enough, enough? Can it be too much? I've been having an increasingly difficult time lately deciphering and separating my Christian beliefs from the world. I'm not a main stream Christian. I don’t agree with the majority of the right winged Christian front. I come from a background of disbelief or really just disgust with the majority of Christian views on sexuality and laws, so now that I want to live by the word, I find it hard to mix the word with the world I live in. I find it hard to love on people as the bible tells me to, even though these people viewpoints frustrate and at times disgusts me, and most of these people are Christians.

These are some of confusions. I'd love your views, if you're willing to go there with me, but I understand if you don't..they are very touchy subjects…

Premarital sex vs sex ed in schools.

I can't see the 'christian' problem with sex ed in schools. I can't see the correlation between teaching kids about sexuality and the dangers/consequences of unprotected sex and sex crazed high schoolers. Which is the concern of many Christian's. They're afraid if their child sits through a sex ed course, all kinds of craziness will happen. Why are we, as Christians, so concerned about our children learning about the dangers/consequences of unprotected sex. Do we honestly think that even if we bring our children up with the values we believe and instill in them the tools they need to steer away from sin, like premarital sex, that a 1/2 semester class will change and warp all of the beliefs we gave them, turning them into ravenous sex hounds? What my concern is, is not my children…or soon to be children…who will have been brought up understanding why premarital sex is wrong in Christ's eyes, but those who don't have supportive parents, or just have never had parents who talked to them about sex. There are far more parents, unfortunately, who don't even take that matter into their own hands. They never have the talk with their children. If we take sex-ed out of school, who will it be hurting more? Our children who have been talked to about pre-marital sex and who have been brought up with Christ centered values, or a child who has never been talked to about pre-marital sex, children without loving parents, children with bonding problems, children who have come from abused homes and would do anything to feel loved…

The new HPV / Cervical cancer vaccine

First off, I DON'T agree with making this a mandatory vaccine. But why is the Christian community so up in arms about this. I've even heard that it is an '"attack'' on the family. How is vaccinating your child from a disease they may acquire through sex, an attack on the family? What if your child follows the beliefs you instill in them and doesn't have sex until marriage, but the spouse they chose didn't become a believer until later in life and had sexual partners before they met? Or what id your child was raped by someone who carried the virus. Are you telling me that by not getting the vaccine but watching your child go through cervical cancer will save your family from this so called 'attack'?

Approximately 20 million people are currently infected with HPV and about 6.2 million Americans get a new genital HPV infection each year. This vaccine protects against four HPV virus types, which together cause 70% of cervical cancers and 90% of genital warts, precancers of the cervix, vulva and vagina, and genital warts.

I've head that by getting this vaccine, it will 'promote' our children to start having sex. Where does this logic come from? Maybe instead of shielding and blocking the information from ever reaching our children, we should have open lines of communication with them. Teach them our values and bring them up in a Christ centered home. Maybe if we spent half as much time talking to our children as we do shielding them for all things 'evil' we wouldn't need to worry about their decisions, because they'd know how to make their own decisions. And in the end, this vaccine will protect them from cancers.

My last frustration is gay marriage.

I can kind of see the point in making gay marriage illegal. Kind of. But most of my being cries out to the Christian community in outrage. In my opinion, who are we to make a law, a Christian law, that will affect all who live in a particular state or nation? Do I believe that gay marriage pleases God? No. I believe Gay marriage is scripturally wrong. Yes. But who am I to judge others? Who am I to say that you can't love this person or that person? Who am I to say that you can only marry this type of person? My faith may dictate who I marry, but how can it dictate who someone else chooses to marry? I've heard that gay marriage destroys the 'sanctity of marriage'. I don't get this. Gay marriage doesn't hurt my marriage. How could it?

Again, I understand where Christians are coming up with these laws. I see their point, a little bit. But where do we get off making Christian laws that everyone has to follow? Whether we believe in something or not, I don't believe we have the right to take rights and free will away from anyone. Where's the line that we shouldn't be crossing over? How do we find it?

In my opinion, there are way too many stances that Christians are throwing theirs arms up at and unfortunately, I believe it only tarnishes the love the Christ. With the constant attack on children's as well as adult novels, exercise, love, sex, alcohol…you name it, Christians are attacking it, we are losing site of the cause. Bringing people to Christ. How can we show folks God's love through our cutting remarks and judgements on their lives? How does a bumper sticker with male and female stick figures = marriage, show someone love? How does arguing about the latest book or movie, trying to remove classes or fighting against the latest vaccine that could save a life show folks love.

Why don't we start having relationships with people instead of judging every aspect of peoples lives? Why don't we start talking to our children instead of shielding them from all sorts of 'evil'? Why do we continue to waste our time fighting meaningless battles, rather that meeting people where they're at, loving them and showing them a different kind of love?

Before I became a believer, I loathed Christians, because the majority of them where looking down their noses at me, telling me what I should be doing and not doing. What I should be learning and not learning. There was always a judgement. There was always someone telling me that I was going to hell. All this did was push me further away from Christ. Now that I'm a believer, I somewhat understand where some of those 'christians' where coming from, but because they did it in a judgmental way, dictating their life and values upon my life, it never showed me the love of Christ. It only showed me their anger and bitterness and judgement. And why would I ever want to be a part of that? How could their judgements ever make me think, 'yeah, I wanna be like them!'? They never ask me who I was. They never wanted to get to know me? They never held their hand out to say hello. And that's what we, as Christians, do every day with our judgements and battles to get the next 'evil' thing out of our country. We show people our wrath and a
nger and judgement when what we should be showing is love and acceptance. We should be getting down in the gutter to meet people, to start relationships with people. That's when we'll start seeing a change in this world.

baby makin' extraordinair

23 February 2007

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a girlfriend of mine found out last week she was 5 1/2 weeks preggo...last night she found out she's having twins! super cool. i've been running around like a giggly school girl this morning telling all my friends at work. i'm so excited for them! and for this to happen to someone like her is even cooler. she's going to be an amazing mom of four.

please keep the babies and her health in your prayers.


21 February 2007

alrighty losties...sorry for the late notice...i keep forgetting to post!! we're going to start taping lost tonight. we're just too lame to stay up that late! we'll be resuming our lost parties thursday nights @ 7pm. if you can handle the wait, come on over for the party. you can stay to watch the office and grey's anatomy if you wish.

again, sorry for the late notice! hope to see y'all 'round.


15 February 2007

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i wasn't feeling the best on tuesday so i decided to stay home. as i was flipping through the channels, i came across a
program called '10 years younger' on TLC. it's one of those makeover shows...not the most entertaining, but not much is during the day. anywho...the way they cut the girls hair rocked. it's exactly what i want to do, so i ran upstairs to jump on the web and find a pic of the girl. and of course, i couldn't find one. so, i've been searching all over the web for a hairstyle that at least resembles the one i saw, with no prevail, and even emailed TLC to ask for a pic of the girl.

i think i have problems because this afternoon i caught myself going through myspace photo's to find someone with the same style. still nothing...i'm usually not this anal about my looks...but it's a rockin' cut and i have the guts to do it right now. maybe TLC will send me a pic...


happy VD y'all

14 February 2007


2nd trimester

13 February 2007

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well...we made it to the second trimester last saturday!! we're officially 1/3 of the way. scary!! my clothes don't fit and surprisingly, i'm a bit self conscious about it. it surprises me to hear people say 'let me see your belly'. are they serious? do they think i'm really going to lift up my shirt for them to see me? it's not like i have this huge baby bump yet,,,it's silly.

being with the baby in the first few weeks scares me. what if we don't know what to do? i know i'm being silly, but i'm a but nervous about it.

yesterday a good friend of mine found out that she's preggo too! i'm excited for her. and for me...now i have someone to go through this with!

too funny

05 February 2007

click on the pic. to view the video...they disabled the embedding feature..


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LOST fans...we're starting the parties back up this wednesday. the time has changed to 10pm, so we're not sure how long we'll keep them going, but you're all invited again to the newman basement for wednesday night lost parties.

this wednesday they're playing a special 'lost survival guide' at 9pm before the new episode. we're planning on watching this as well, so feel free to come early.

ohh...and the basement is done!

XXX Church is on ABC Tonight: Nightline!

02 February 2007

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The story airs tonight at 11:35pm. Check it out online.


too funny

so...is microsoft vista just a copy of mac os x? you be the judge...

weight dichotomy

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we live in such an interesting world. women seem to only be seen as beautiful if they're wafer thin, with porcelain skin and perfect hair. Television is littered with diet pills, exercise equipment, miracle cures and weight loss surgeries. people all around me are on diets and exercise regimens. which is a great thing! don't get me wrong. if you need to lose weight for health reasons, do it! but what makes me sad is the stigma that women have to look and act a certain way. and it just keeps getting worse and worse. last week in target, i was walking past the little girl clothes when i overheard a girl, about 8 yrs old, telling her mom how she looks fat in everything. something is wrong in the world if little kids are worried about their weight. and this girl, was not over weight. not at all!

and as all things, even this weight issue has a flip side. now women are getting too thin for us. we photograph all these women and ridicule then for losing too much weight. their photographs are posted all over tv and magazines with their bones protruding through their clothes.

at the same time, london decides to make a weight limit on their run way girls...so now you can't be too skinny...and now tyra banks who is now 'too heavy'! what is this fascination with weight and why do women have to always be too skinny or too heavy? why does this matter so much? do you ever think that if we didn't spend so much energy on women's weight, that maybe we wouldn't have so many girls starving themselves or gorging themselves depending on how they respond to pressure?

and why is it that i'm concerned that i've already gained 5 pounds in this pregnancy? this affects everyone and i'm getting super sick of it. so when i saw Tyra Banks call out people who make fun of weight issues, my insides got all warm and fuzzy.

i know sometimes i live in kim world, thinking that one day this world will change, but i do hope we start changing this issue. there is just too much damage in this world to continue to poke fun at one another.

i may not be wafer thin, i may not have perfect hair or the coolest clothes. i may not talk witty or even well at times, i may not drive the coolest car, or wear makeup to cover up my old woman lines and make my eye 'pop'. but ya know what? that shouldn't matter. and i'd love to know why it does.

i'm giving tyra props on this one. and i agree with her.

baby craziness

01 February 2007

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so check these out! this is what the little kumquat looks like in this belly of mine...

and check this out~ click on the pic below...this baby of ours is already jumping away in there!! craziness!!