spring and stewardship

06 April 2005

Yesterday was another sunny warm day. Beautiful! Spring is amazing, isn’t it? I enjoy watching the landscape change. The birds return, the warm breeze feel so nice hitting your face and shoots of green buds peek through the gray grass, waiting to bloom. It reminds me how powerful and renewing GOD is. GOD takes what is dead and gives it life again! With us all! Isn’t that amazing. No matter what we have done in the past or what we’ll do in the future, as long as we repent with a sorrowful heart and accept HIS son as our Savior, HE will give us life from our death. Amazing.

In this newness, I was reminded about what’s to come. Fertilizer…you see it everywhere. The trucks carrying all those chemicals, driving down your road. Your neighbor outside with the push sprinkler, sprinkling green or white pellets all over his lawn. Last year I looked out the window to take in the afternoon sun, only to see that same neighbor sprinkling chemicals on Steve’s wonderfully ORGANIC green lawn. The kicker…he was just being a nice neighbor. What can you say? Obviously I’m against this. GOD made this land the way HE wanted it. Why does man always think he can do it better?

Do you ever think about children or friends or you, walking barefoot of a chemically enhanced lawn? I have a friend who fertilizers all the time. I asked him last year if he thought GOD didn’t know what HE was doing when he created the earth. He responded ‘I’m just helping HIM out, I can make it look better, I’m being a good steward.’ hhhmmmmmm….a good steward?

the beginning

05 April 2005

So, I figured since I spend so much time reading other people’s blogs...maybe I should get on the ball and start my own. Things are all discombobulated in my life right now anyway...why don’t I place it all on the web, right?

My boss sucks. I’m sure you can feel my pain. But there is a bright side! :) I’ve resigned and my last day is the end of April. Finally. I’ve been looking forward to this for 2 years now! So now I get to start over and meet new people. Crazy really. You start to feel really comfortable in a place and them blamo...you’ve got to start over again. But it will be great. I’ll miss my friends, but it will be great to start something new.

Why am I telling you this?? It’s all about trials. Going through the trials GOD places before you and remembering that not only will HE see you through, not only will be give you no trial beyond what you can bear, but when HIS time comes, HE’LL open up other possibilities.

I guess I’m just trying to say is, even though we go through rough times in life that seem to be never ending, GOD will prevail and HE will reward a faithful servant. Don’t give up or give in to mans anger and vindication. Walk with the LORD and be the light in a world of darkness.

1 Peter 1:7

These trials are only to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold – and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. So if your faith remains strong after being tried by fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.