bumper phun

i'm a fan of the bumper sticker. i can't really pin point why, other than i like to make people think, and i guess it's one of the easiest ways to accomplish it. so i have a few...and i've noticed that 2 in particular get quite a bit of play. cars slowly creep closer and closer, trying to make them out. people squish their faces as close to the window as they can get and squint. it's the funniest thing. then if you watch close, you'll either get a nod with the ever telling thoughtful look or the smile nod. this cracks me up. the two in particular are on either side of my car. the passenger side has a sticker that says 'change the way you see, not the way you look' . on the drivers side sits a sticker that reads, 'Jesus is the saviour not christianity'. this morning, stopped at a light, i noticed the car behind me was so close, i wouldn't be surprised if he was actually touching my bumper. as i looked into the rear view mirror, i noticed that the driver was arching his back and sprawling over the steering wheel to make out the sticker. the passenger was all but pressed against the window and holding her glasses just right. it was the funniest thing.

i can't stop picturing their faces and laughing.

I'm still thinking about the new sticker from revolution:


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