money hungry bastards

i'm really trying not to be a complainer. i'm trying not to have little things set me off, but it's just not working. i'm still on edge with my emotions. i try so hard to let things go. to let things slide off me. but i still feel that my stress basket it over flowing and when one little things happens, i just can't take it.

last week it was aetna. one of the crappiest insurance companies i've ever had to deal with. i got a bill for $150. thinking it was deductible that i've already paid, i called to see what was going on. which was a hard call. i have to talk about losing Jorai. i have to explain it. i've dealt with so much and then i have greedy little bastards breathing down my neck, it just pisses me off. come to find out, it wasn't aetna that was greedy, it was sparrow. apparently, if you are admitted to sparrow with a dead child within you, they'll go ahead and charge you for a nursery room and board, just in case they're needed...for a dead child. i'm trying to get this fee taken care...but how can anyone do that? charge you a nursery fee for a lifeless child who will never be brought there but instead will travel on a covered bed down to a refrigerator.

sorry for the morbid talk, i'm just pissed...because just now i got another bill from aetna for an ultrasound....from april. it was processed in april, everything else in my pregnancy was paid for through june...but they decided to now deny my ultrasound, even though it should be covered. so i had to spend more time on the phone with the blasted insurance company trying to find out why i have a $384 bill. supposedly, it was billed wrong...4 months after it was first processed. i cannot stand insurance companies and hospitals. i feel like they're always trying to stick it to you. what if i was someone who didn't understand my coverage? what if i just paid everything i was given? what is going on with this world?

it makes me think of my favorite jimi hendrix quote:
when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
thank you for listening and sorry for the yelling and my crappiness...i just needed to vent and if i don't do it over the internet, i'd probably take it out on my phone or the wall or a thank you. and if you have a chance, never take aetna as your insurance company and review all your hospital bills, because they will try to rob you if you don't pay attention.

and go watch sicko!!! we need universal health care!!


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