belly talk

my belly is growing at a rapid rate.  i had to break down and buy a new pair of pants.  the jeans i bought a month ago are still to large for me and i feel even more frumpy when i wear them, which was not the style i was going for.  

the babe is cramping my innards now.  i get very strange ramblings and gurgles and bubbles after i eat or drink anything.  as if the babe is squishing my stomach and intestines to the point that there's no room for movement.  it's a very strange feeling...

kix likes hiding in my ribs.  which isn't the most comfortable thing!  he/she spends more of the time there, although last night as i was sitting, all of a sudden i started feeling my torso moving forward.  i kid you not, this child was pushing so hard on my left hip bone that it pushed my torso forward!  it was crazy!  

i truly can't wait to meet this child.  the personality is already showing through.  i can already feel steve's playfulness and my stubbornness.  i know it sounds crazy, but i do.

relaxing time isn't very relaxing anymore.  i can't get comfortable on the couch or in bed.  i try hard, but nothing seems to work.  so i spend most of my evening on my exercise ball and in bed, i just flip from side to side.  it's hard to think that i could have 8 more weeks left.  i'll be patient, but i'm ready.  i want to meet my child.  i want to be a nurturing momma.  


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