dazed and confused

it's been a rough go in the sac lately...no!  not that

...sleeping...pure sleeping.  

i've been tossing and turning and waking steve up with my excessive snoring.  so then he gets up and leaves me...which then i think i can actually sleep a bit better, but i hate not waking up besides him.  i think there's a lot contributing to my lack of sleep... i think i'm worried about snoring or turning and waking up my husband, my girth is getting hard to flip from side to side, there's pressure in places i didn't think i'd have pressure, the babes either hiccuping or kicking or flipping, i have heartburn and, well, i'm just plain uncomfortable.  plus i'm grinding or clenching my teeth, so i wake up dazed, confused with sore teeth and a tight jaw.  

then i try to function and it's just not pretty.  i've been relaxing most of the day away, which sucks.  i want to be outside enjoying the weather and getting things done around the house, but i'm just so exhausted.  today i'm trying to prepare a message and a brief discussion topic for one of my ministries and i'm just staring into space.  i have no concentration.  i have no brain function.  it's like my brain wants to fire, but it just fires blanks.  

i look forward to the whole nesting thing...a bout of energy and stamina would be wonderful right now.  the past 3 days i've felt like such a slug. 


Lots and lots of pillows? That was the only thing that seemed to help?
Eric Henry said…
i say screw being productive. you deserve to relax....
ShannaKay said…
i'm there with you!!

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