prior to the tool that called his wife retarded last tuesday in the okemos christian book store, i was sitting on a chair waiting for steve to finish up listening to his scream metal christian music when one of the workers came up to me.  she asked when we were due and if we knew it was a boy or girl and then came the question everyone this your first.  which i'm getting pretty good at answering.  i can usually tell how much to go into the story...some times i simply say this is our second and hope that ends the conversation...some times i say that this is our second but we lost our first at 7 months gestation, so this will be our first live baby.   some times i say that we had a daughter...although i would love to go into Jorai's life all the time, i know it can make people uncomfortable, so a lot of the time i choose to keep it short. answer her question, i told her that this is our second but that we had lost our first at 7 months.  her reaction was typical, 'oh, i'm so sorry'...which i still don't know the best response to, other than thank you.  but alas, she continued to say that she hopes all goes well and then she asked for my name and steve's name and said that she'll start praying for us and the baby.  i just thought that was so nice.  you could tell she really meant it.  it wasn't just empty words.  

as we were leaving, we said goodbye and again, she said 'good luck!  i just put you on the prayer request board in the back!'  wow!  i felt so loved.  here's a woman we don't know who is choosing to individually pray for us and placing our name on a prayer request board.  unfortunately, that doesn't happen all that much.  i truly felt loved and watched over.  i know our friends and family are praying for us and that's wonderful, but there was something about this woman that just touched my heart.  she was just so genuine and you could tell her heart was all about God.  it brought a huge smile to our faces. 


Dan Price said…
That's very cool. I want to be more like that.

By the way, what did Gordie say about the car?
Phoenix Rising said…
i know. me too. still waiting to hear back from gordie. we'll let ya know.

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