i hate the word retarded.  back when i was growing up it was the derogatory word for someone with mental and/or physical limitations.  i always hated hearing it.  i've always encountered that people with mental and/or physical limitations are usually the most genuine, wonderful people to be around, so i could never understand why someone would want to put them down.

now the word is in our everyday language.  i hear it more and more.  people say this or that is so retarded.  i hate it.  i want to scream every time i hear it. why do people say it?

as we were trying to blow some time last tuesday before going to our first baby class, steve and i stopped in the christian book store in okemos to listen to some music...which by the way, the new kids in the way and spoken suck...anyway, a young couple came in with their infant.  they set their infant on the floor, she was in her car seat, and started looking through the cds.  all of a sudden the husband turns to his wife and says 'what are you doing retarded?'  she instantly said 'don't say that!' and he says 'what?  it's a fun word to say'

my thoughts...which i wanted to spew out but choose to keep in my mind vault, were 'ya know, if your beautiful daughter was born with mental or physical challenges, i'm pretty sure that word, would take on a completely different meaning to you.  also, never ever talk to your wife that way and never in front of your child!"

please don't say that word.  it's so degrading.  it's not a fun word to say.  it's a derogatory word.  and it's just not right.  plus, you sound like a complete tool when you say it.


:) According to the American Heritgate Dictionary:

(rĭ-tär'dĭd) adj.
1. Often Offensive, Affected with mental retardation.

Often offensive?! I say ALWAYS!
We need less instances where people call their wives derogatory words!
Marie Dysangco said…
Amen sister. Words matter.

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