sawyer's gourmet pancake house

there's a new breakfast joint in town.  sawyer's gourmet pancake house.  it's at 608 w. saginaw, which is kinda between mlk and walnut.  they serve pancakes, waffles and french toast, along with eggs, meat and potatoes...oh and they have lunch too.  they try to only serve organic, local food.  even their ketchup is organic!  and their syrup is real maple syrup.  we thought that they may be a bit pricey, but the prices are super reasonable.  they're pancakes are yummy.  they have all kinds.  and they even serve turkey sausage!  we had a great breakfast and we highly recommend them. their diner is small, but clean and the wait-staff are super friendly.  go check them out!

oh yea, to top it off...they serve organic, fair-trade coffee that they grind themselves for each pot of coffee, and their cream is the real deal!  very yummy!!


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