to xb...or not to xb

in our search for a new car i found that lansing only has 3 xb's right now...2 at the toyota dealer and another at a small dealership.  the toyota dealer guy we spoke to, who wasn't the guy dan recommended to us, was super pushy and i got a really bad vibe from him.  so that immediately put me of the xb's was a 2005 with 98,000 miles on it.  we test drove it, but didn't want the high mileage.  the other was a 2006 with 48,000.  the 2006 was an ok car, but there were little things we didn't like.  

on a whim tonight, we test drove the 3rd car.  it was a 2006 with only 9,800 miles on it.  it was sparkling.  both the interior and exterior were immaculate.  but they want $13,600...with taxes and junk it's $14,500.  that's about 3-4,000 more than we originally wanted to spend.  but it was like driving a new car.  we got home and started doing some research on it.  the dealer is giving us a deal from what we see at kelly blue book...but it's still pricey.  but then i think that since my current car has 207,000 miles and steves has 222,000...we've done pretty good with cars.  this will be the most we've ever paid for a car.  

man...should we do it?  i hate spending money!  but it would be a nice car.  reliable.  argh!  i hate decisions.  we're calling our financial advisor tomorrow to get his take on it. we have the money, but is this the most sound decision we can make with our money or should we wait to spend a few thousand less?  cars!  they drive me crazy!  she's so pretty though.  and she's silver so we'll be able to tell ours apart from the prices!  


toyota's are pretty reliable! You could always lowball the guy and offer 11 or 12 thousand to see if he'll bite, or talk to his "manager". I own a toyota, and LOVE it!
ShannaKay said…
So I like our xA, but its a bit small with two car seats : ) but i like it anyway...

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