ok boys...the title was your warning...this is girl talk...continue with caution...

i'd love to breastfeed a girl to see if girls are just as veracious eaters as boys. i've been working on asher's latch. some days are better than others, some less painful, but i'm still in pain. i feel raw. i'm not giving up. i know we can get this worked out. i just feel like he wakes up hungry and angry. he flails his head all around looking for my nipple, it's actually really funny!!, then when he finds it, he sucks so hard i feel as if he's going to suck my boob off. he can almost empty my breast in about 5 minutes with this sucking...which is nice for my time, but as you can imagine, wreaks havoc on my girls!

are all boys this aggressive? are girls easier suckers? do i just have one veracious little boy? my word! i feel like i'm being taken to the milk cleaners. some times we get a really good latch at the beginning, but when he decides to slow down a bit, or maybe it's when my milk starts to slow down, he loosens his latch and wants to only suck directly on my nipple. i unlatch him and re-attach for a better latch, but he lets go and only wants the nipple. argh! boys!

then, it's either a sign he has a gas bubble or my milk is slowing down, he starts trashing his head from side to side, taking my nipple along for the ride. it's not pretty people! he's like a lion trying to rip off his dinner. ouch!

plus to top it off, yesterday he flipped me off twice as he was feeding! he loves to rest his hand on either my breast or his face as he feeds, and when i looked down yesterday, his fingers were curled up flipping me off! i couldn't reach my camera...hopefully if he does it again, i'll get a shot.

anyway, we're still working on things. if anyone has any advice on how to calm down a veracious eater or maintain a healthy latch, let me know! i hurt. i want to feed him when ever he wants it, but i find myself trying to prolong the time between feedings because i hurt...


Katie said…
It took Hazel probably a month or so to calm down a little while nursing, and for me to stop being in pain.
Nothing hurts now, except when she decides to clamp her little gums shut and pull her head around... and she's a pretty intense little eater. I think it's just in their personalities.
ShannaKay said…
have you noticed when he does the on off thing? when your milk lets down? juniper comes on and off when the jets start shooting in her mouth. she tends to just like the nipple too on my left but latches pretty good on my right. a preference eater. have you tried different positions? laying down, football hold, etc.?
Phoenix Rising said…
i was breastfeeding lying down just last week when i noticed milk dripping out of his nose! so, i stopped that. i think i'll try it again when he gets bigger and has better neck control. i need to try the football hold more. i've tried a few times but it seemed to hurt more.

i think he pulls off more when the milk isn't shooting out. i think he get's pissed that there isn't any more gushing out. although he coughs when i let down. i truly think he prefers it! i think he gets mad that he actually has to work!!! although it could be a gas bubble too...but i think it's more of a frustration thing.

i'll try the football hold more.
ShannaKay said…
you could try to burp him when he pulls you said, could be a gas bubble.

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