first road trip

in an hour asher and i will set out on our way to meet steve at the park and ride to start our trip to big rapids. we'll be there through friday. it's asher's first trip and my first try at getting all the stuff ready and us on the road! but God rocks and has put a calm in my child today that's unprecedented.

the past few days asher has been really fussy. he needed to be held at all times. as soon as i thought he was asleep and tried to set him down, he started wailing. maybe it was growing pains...but today has been different...he's slept all day with the exception of about an hour where he had some nakey back and tummy time on his activity mat...and throw in a few feedings and changings...but other than that, he's been sleeping! i've been able to get the laundry done, shower!!!, do my hair, dress, pack, make breakfast and lunch and eat it! and, well, blog a bit!! wow! the funny thing is that yesterday i was going bonkers because i felt like i couldn't have 1 moment to pee and today, i kinda miss snuggling with him!

i'm a nut case.

any way, we'll be up north for the next few days. asher gets to see his second concert tonight...daisy mae. she rocks!

enjoy the silence from my ramblings!


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