who needs to brush your teeth anyway?

today was one of those days where i got nothing done. asher was fine, but needed to be held all day and only slept for maybe an hour all day. he was just up. he wanted to feed and be outside and play on his activity mat. he didn't want me to leave him, so i got nothing done. i was able to blog with one hand as i fed him...i had to bathe him since he exploded down his leg, but other than that, nothing got done. i haven't showered, was in my sweats all day, only got 1 meal and you guessed it, never brushed my teeth. i had plans of going to the grocery store, finishing the cloth wipes i started over a week ago, sending out thank you notes, putting clothes away...but nothing got done. i waited all day for asher to fall asleep. i rocked him, pacified him, played with him...nothing worked.

and at 5:15pm, asher fell asleep. as soon as steve came home, he fell asleep! what's up with that? when steve's home, i can hand the babe off...but during the day. i'm stuck with his sleeping patterns...ugh.

so i was able to finally get dressed and brush my teeth at 5:30pm. i did finish the cloth wipes and we ordered pizza, so i got my second meal in for the day. then he woke up as we started the spiderwick chronicles. so now steve's with him outside trying to appease him...i'm not sure if we'll get to finish the movie...

i need to stop planning my days...it seems the days i have things planned, i sit on the couch all day as a milk cow. a happy milk cow! but a milk cow none-the-less. it's a strange trying to appease a 5 week old. running all around trying to calm him, make him happy. nursing, rocking, pacifying, going outside, putting him in the vibe chair, on his activity mat, in the swing, back outside, nursing...

and i wouldn't change it for the world!!! i'm glad i'm home all day with him. i don't miss work. i don't miss my 'profession'. i'm content being a poorly dressed, hungry, slimy teeth, at home mom. it hard work. i'm starting to think it's the hardest profession out there. but the cool thing is that my son could care less about how i look or smell...as long as i'm beside him, trying to make him happy. i'm in the best place, best profession in the world!


ShannaKay said…
sounds like my day :) except my daughter was spitting up instead of playing.
:) I'm glad things worked out and you finally got some food in your belly.

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