**noise:my sleepy babe, snoring

tuesday night was a rough one for me...i would say it was rough on asher too, but i think he was fine. he was awake and happy and enjoying ripping the silence out of the night air. i would have been really frustrated if his little smiling face wasn't so darn cute. i truly believe that's why God makes babies so cute. how can you get mad at a face like that, smiling up at you? he got up twice to nurse between 10 and 2 and was then up from 4-6am. (it didn't help that i feel asleep nursing him at 2:30ish). he then fell asleep for a bit at 6ish and then got back up.

needless to say, i was a bit wrecked. i napped in the morning when asher fell asleep, but i was still cattywhompas for the day. seeing everything through a hazy fog...steve felt my frustration when i took ash downstairs at 4am...after already being up with him twice for feedings...and i think he could see the haze in my eyes when he came downstairs at 7:20...

when he came home he had decided that he would start getting up with asher in the mornings, to give me a break! although i kinda feel bad about him waking on days he has to work, i was excited to try it...and hopefully this early waking won't last too long...

last night asher went down at 9:30. he woke to nurse at 12:30 and again at 2:30 and then again at 5...after he was fed and changed, he fell back asleep in my arms but then woke as soon as i laid him in bed. it was 5:40am. steve rolled over, tried to calm him but seeing he was a ball of smiles, he decided to bring him downstairs to let me sleep. i slept from 5:40-7:40...only 2 hours, but it was a lovely 2 hours and those mere few hours of extra sleep really made a difference. i'm sleepy today, but i can function and i'm not dragging.

then to top it off, there was a 'fresh' note on the french when i go up, i had some fresh coffee waiting for me!

seriously, my husband rocks.

oh yeah, and then this morning, my friend tells me that i can have his old ipod for free!! i seriously feel totally loved and blessed today.


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