documentary night

i'm not sure how to take this movie...what would jesus buy is listed under 'docu-comedy'...i know the reverend is serious...i think...and i think it may bring our over commercialism into the light a bit, but the guy seems to be a bit of a whack that me judging him? guess if i have to ask that question, then i am...but why don't ya come on over to the newmans house this saturday at 9pm to watch this film...i think it'll stir up some great conversation to say the least.

as always, popcorn and drinks provided. bring snacks if you wish. asher and i may not be participating as we're trying to work out his bedtime routine and time...but come keep steve company!

here's the trailer. the film was produced by morgan spurlock...the same guy that did super size me.

and remember, we don't support all the ideals of the documentaries we show. so don't think we're losing our minds after watching this! it's kinda scary that i even have to preface this...i guess if you truly know us, you would already know that! any way, hope to see ya on saturday.


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