ipod woes

my ipod crashed. sadness. i've tried to restore it...nothing. it's totally corrupted. kaput. dead. silent. i'm sad.

so i'm looking for another mp3 player. i don't think i can justify purchasing another ipod right now. with me at home, we've had to redefine our expenses. which is normally fine and dandy, but on days like this, it's a bummer. i had just put a whole bunch of music on there for asher too, so when we're in the car and he's fussy, i have something other than npr to get him to sleep.

if you happen to have one you're thinking about getting rid of, let me know what you want for it. i'll probably buy one used or refurb...but i have to say...i'll miss my old school ipod. it was the first gen. one. all big and phat.

such a bummer.



The generic mp3 player is 40 bucks.

The website it owned by a guy Corey works with.
Noel Heikkinen said…
I have an old school (3rd Generation) 20GB that I was literally going to list on EBay today.

It's all yours.
Phoenix Rising said…
that would be brilliant noel! too funny that you were just about to list it on the bay!! looks like they're going for about 50 bucks. whatcha think?

i'm so stoked! you've made my day!!
Noel Heikkinen said…
How about we say free. But only with the caveat that I throw in a few accessories.
Phoenix Rising said…
you're a peach noel! you've seriously made my day!! thank you!

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