leaky diaper help

for all you cd'ing mama's, i need your help. i've been having a hard time with asher's bum genius leaking at night. it's not an absorbency thing. last night he wet through one he was only in for 3 hours and then another for 30 minutes. sometimes it goes out his back, but most it goes out the side, near the tab. i'm getting sick of it. having to change the bed sheets and him twice a night is ridiculous. we don't have the problem at all during the day. and we use the same diapers in the day as the night. the only thing i can think of is that maybe he's at an in between height/weight where if he lays on his side or back, the diaper doesn't fit him well.

for those of you who use bum genius, have you had this problem? what do you wear for night time? i don't want to go to prefolds at night. i don't want him to be wet all night, that's why we chose the pocket diapers. but i'm willing to try something else. i'm very close to going out to get disposables for night.

has any one tried the g-diaper? i'm thinking about this diaper too...but it's just as expensive at the bum genius diapers...and then if those don't work either, i'd be screwed out of another 40-60 bucks.

are their any suggestions out there? i am going to strip my diapers tomorrow, though i know that's not the problem.


Anonymous said…
I have not used that brand of diaper. Maybe the fit is a little different if you are using more stuffing at night. Make sure his penis is pointing down! Another thought is that maybe he is soaking it all at once and the pee cannot get through the fleece fast enough. Maybe make sure you use something that absorbs quickly as your first insert and something that holds alot under. I always had trouble with detergent build up with my pocket diapers but I would think you would see an issue during the day as well. Just some intial thoughts for you! I will comment if I think of anything else. Sorry for not having any real answers for you. Another tip you could use a wool diaper cover his diaper.

Cindy Agnew
ShannaKay said…
how often do you change him during the day? have you tried hemp and a wool soaker? the hemp holds quite alot and the wool soaker prevents the wetness from getting to the clothes and sheets. Also, how he sleeps my effect it....does he sleep with his leg or legs tucked, could be creating gaps between tab and leg. I would agree with Cindy too, make sure his penis is down....hmmmmm.....never used bum genus though. If you want some hemp prefolds to try, let me know....i'll send you some so you don't have to buy any :)

Love ya! Oh, Juniper has two teeth!
Tali said…
crap kim! that was the same issue i had and it was solved after the stripping that i had to do. maybe you have detergent build up from trying several kinds? i have no idea. i hope stripping solves it for you! i know you must be at your wits end. we didn't have the problems during the day either, but at night she'd wet and it would go right up her back.
did you call bum genius? they have a great help line and hopefully they'll have some suggestions for you!
good luck. let us know how it goes!
Phoenix Rising said…
for our night time diaper we do 3 things...one has 2 microfiber stuff ins, one has 1 microfiber on top with a hemp stuff in under and the third has a new 'super do' that's a layer of microfiber then hemp, microfiber and hemp...and i stuff that with a microfiber...all 3 have leaked.

cindy, penis is down! :-) i wonder if he just lets it all fly at once and it can't absorb it all...we need to do lunch!

shanna, i miss you!! cool on the teeth! and thanks for the offer, but we have 3 hemp babies and the superdo. maybe i will buy a soaker.

tali, i'm buying dawn tomorrow..so we'll see...hope all is well with luci.
Anonymous said…
Hey Kim,
Just another thought, I always had trouble with microfiber inserts. I do not know if it was build up or what not but they never worked for us. I always used a terry cloth type insert on top.

Cindy Agnew
Katie said…
One thing that I do for Hazel now (because we had the same problem) - is that I cut up a bunch of fleece (just bought on sale at JoAnn or somewhere like that) into strips and laid it on top of whatever type of diaper she was in (whether BG or a prefold) so that it wicked moisture away from her skin even faster. Now her nighttime diaper is a fleece layer on top, right next to her skin, and the BG is stuffed with the cottonbabies insert and two hemp babies doublers... needless to say, she has quite the derriere at bedtime - but it's been working.
Oh cloth diapers - always such a little puzzle to figure out (but I love them!!)
ShannaKay said…
Travis suggested too, what Katie said. barend always woke up when he was wet or had to go (juniper does too, but not as often) so I just ended up changing them. with barend we did EC and after a few months of doing it consistently at night he started just going potty once say 3am ish and then when he woke up! it's tiring at first, but the results are worth it :)

i hope you are able to figure it out :) i'm sure you will :) I miss you too!! This month is pretty busy, but I'm thinking sometime (maybe first week in November) coming for a visit during the day.

Love ya :)
Phoenix Rising said…
thanks katie and shanna. how many strips do you use at one time? i actually have some fleece at home.

shanna, i'd love a visit. i keep thinking about coming over to see you too...i just need to get off my arse! i truly do miss you.

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