tooth fairy

the tooth fairy arrived at our house. as asher was crying this morning, i was able to push his lower lip down to see his gums without him sticking his tongue out. there it was. a little eruption. it looked like a little sore, like a canker sore. but it's there. the top of a small little tooth. as happy as i am to see him growing up, i'm kinda sad too.

i'm going to miss his gummy little smile. but as we're thinking of introducing solid foods soon, i'm sure he's ready to start using his new 'tools'


Katie said…
Oh, so big!!
I was sad to miss Hazel's toothless grin - but it's been awfully fun to watch her grow up (haha - into a whopping 9.5 month old girl!!) She just gets to be more and more fun as she grows.
Here's hoping you survive the inevitable chompings...
Can't wait to see the big tooth for myself tomorrow!!
Anonymous said…
Asher is getting a tooth! careful-they are SO sharp!!

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