Asher memory

Today as you were talking to mama after a timeout about why you shouldn't bang your drumsticks against anything other than your drums, you bent down to hug her leg. When you felt the stubble, you said 'owww!'. You couldn't figure it out. You kept bending down and touching your face against mama's leg. Each time, making a face and saying 'owww.' You tried the other leg. Same feeling. 'ouch!'. You then put your face against mama's arm and seemed to think that felt alright...and seemed to think 'then why do her legs feel funny?' You finally gave up and ran outside.

Yes my sweet, dear son, your mama has scratchy legs some days. Probably more than not. Let's just ignore the stubble and pretend that her legs are beautiful, lanky, blemish and stubble free.


HAA! :) That gave me the laugh I needed for the day.
So looking forward to the day when Kate realizes her mommy's legs have more hair than daddys. :)

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