yeah, I's been awhile, but here's an update!

Wow, I keep thinking, "I need to post...I need to post, something!". But then I don't and another week passes. I look back at my pre-kiddo days and notice that I posted a ton. A ton. Obviously after the girls I posted for therapy, but I also used to post a ton on Asher so I would have his memories written down. Poor Greyson. I have posted no pictures...very few posts. Well, let me say, I LOVE MY SONS! And all the lack of posts do not represent my loss of words or memories of them...just lack of time! Which I guess is a good thing, but I do want to share. So here's a quick update...

Asher (aka the Abominable Snowman)
  • What a joy you are! Such a challenging, exhausting, loud, lovable, comedic, stinky, cuddly, joy filled little man you are! You make me laugh and usually cry every day.
  • You love your brother so much it hurts!
  • You are one of the most caring souls I have ever met, yet most of the time it's hidden under your giant blast of energy.
  • The other day as you were leaving with papa and Greyson was sitting and crying, you turned to him and said "Greyson, don't be sad, would you like me to stay home with you?" You make mama so proud of you!
  • You would rather be with your brother than away from him. You are already teaching him...which can be a scary thing when it involves climbing up the stairs of jumping off the couch! But in your nearly 4 year old heart and mind, you are loving your brother and that makes me proud of you.
  • You are totally into everything firefighter and spiderman and right now, legos consume your day! You build things and
    give them to us as presents every day.
  • Every day I drop you off at preschool, you run and quickly color me a picture before I leave. Every.single.time!
  • The other day you told me that you didn't want a toy of yours anymore so you were going to save it for my Christmas present next year!
  • You remind me when to stop at stop signs!
  • Whenever Greyson does something you think is funny, you yell out, "Greyson, you're silly!"
  • You LOVE to hide and jump out at people and you love to play hide and seek...though you usually hide in the same spot over and over again, giggling as we "try" to find you! It's hilarious!
  • When we hide and jump out at you, you squeal like a little girl and then laugh and ask to do it again!
  • You love to help mama cook...but not so much with cleaning.
  • When you see anyone outside, you knock on the window or call out their name to say hi.
  • You love your friends and I can already tell you will have many true, lifelong friends.
  • You are joy to me Asher. You can be a challenge at times, but you have a huge heart, a brilliant smile and are filled with so much love you ooze! I love you so much my dear, sweet child. Keep making me laugh!
  • You are my little chill child. Anyone can hold you and in fact you reach out to people to be held. You rarely cry, unless papa is in the room and I have you!
  • You love your papa! If he's in the room, you want nothing to do with anyone else.
  • You love baths and as soon as you're naked, you make a mad dash to the bathroom and bang on the tub.
  • You are a stinker with a capital S! You do things and when we say no, you slyly smile and do it again. And you're so stinking cute, we can't help but to laugh.
  • You can say Asher and cracker...who needs to say mama or papa, right?!?
  • When I ask you if you want to nurse, you light up and slap your legs squealing "yea, yea, yea". Though I don't think that's what you're saying, it sounds like it and cracks us up!
  • You love to be chased and squeal in excitement.
  • You bring things to us over and over again saying "da!". When mama reads to Asher, you will run back and forth from your room to his, bringing us more and more books.
  • When you walk you lead with your arm extended and then walk a circle, almost in full twirl mode. It's hilarious! You're like our own little Vanna White. In a little manly boy kind of way!!! :-)
  • You're already pushing cars around and making car noises like your big brother.
  • When I put my forehead against yours, you bend down and press yours against mine, smiling.
  • You love to play peek-a-boo and will do it all day, even when nursing.
  • You are such a sweet, loving soul.
  • You make my life rich with love and I absolutely love to watch you grow and learn.

You both make me so proud and happy. You bring smiles to my face each and every day. Even through my sleep deprived fog! You both rock my world! You're the best boys ever!!!


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