Cloth diaper quandary

I purchased a ton of Bum Genius diapers for my first son, and though we loved them, we found them to be a little snug for the monstrosity I call Asher. I was able to get through almost 2 years with Asher and then we had to put him in disposables, because he was just too big and we could no longer get a good fit in the BG. We also had/have fuzzi bunz, which are a little larger and a few Thirsties, which were lovely.

Then we had Greyson, who at first we thought was going to be our little guy...but not so much. Weighing in at nearly 30 pounds at 14 months and in 2T shirts, he not only has some girth but also a long torso, making the BG nearly impossible to wear. We can get them on, but the velcro tabs are barely on the sticky tab and they sit right at his upper thighs. If we're not careful, they cut up his legs. Which happens nearly every time my lovely husband helps out and changes a diaper. We can still get a decent fit using fuzzi bunz and and awesome fit in the Thirsties Duo.

So here's my quandary. Do I give up , sell my lot and just use disposables or do I try and sell my well worn BG and use the money to buy more Thirsties for the next year or so that we need them. I know I could go the cheaper way and get pre-folds, but I've never been a fan of them. I hate the thought of putting more money into diapers, but I also know I'll be saving in the long run, and since he won't be in the Thirsties for too long, I may be able to get a bit more out of them, compared to my well worn BG. But I just can't figure out what I want to do!

Any advice out there?


Rachel Clute said…
We are having this issue with levi. I personally want tokeep him in cloth...i hate disposables! (thats just me!) We have started buying Alvas, tiny tush, and Green mountain diapers. They are much bigger than any others in o ur experience...amd they arr not really expensive...alvas cost abouy as much as sunbabies $5-6 a diaper :) snaps are awesome too btw.
Phoenix Rising said…
Rach, what's up with all the different series in alva diapers? I'm so confused! What do you get? and do you know what weight they go up to? I'll have to get used to snaps! I like them, but they take longer on wiggly babies imo. Also, do you not like fitteds? Or do you just prefer pockets?

thanks btw! you rock

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