it's official

27 February 2009


asher is saying mama! i've been hearing it for the past few days, but since steve hasn't been there to hear it 'it never happened'. but finally today, steve heard it too! it's pretty garbled, but it's definitely mama. what a wonderful sound! so cool! maybe we'll get his first word and first crawl all in the same week...we'll see


after a few nights of many interruptions...thank you so very much asher's new teeth, last night i got 6 straight, uninterrupted hours of slumber. sweet sleep victory. in those 6 wonderful hours though, i had some crazy intense dreams which involved giving birth, forgetting all about my lovely son and a round of tests showing i eat too much protein (which if you know me is probably not the case by any means) and too much sugar which i think we all know to be true, unfortunately with my brownie and ice-cream addictions.

last night i woke in a sweat and it took me a bit to calm down because i dreamt that i was giving birth to our third i'm not pregnant!!!...but it wasn't just that i was giving birth. steve and i were both in the hospital room when all of of sudden i asked where asher was and who was watching him. then i remembered we left for the hospital while he was napping so he was probably awake in his crib screaming and wondering where his mama and papa were. guilt flowed through me and dripped from my eyes. it was horrible.

so then it got me thinking. if i get pregnant again and if i give birth like i did with asher (a whole 4 hours start to finish, but i only knew i was in labor for a whopping 2 hours and we barely made it to the hospital) what will we do with asher? will we bring him to the hospital with us and have someone meet us there? do we ask a neighbor to watch him until someone can get over to watch him. i mean literally we had about 40 minutes from the time we left our house to the time we delivered last time...if things happen that fast again, we won't have time to wait for someone to get to our house or drop off asher. i know i shouldn't be worrying about this since we're not even trying to conceive right now, but i am worrying. i've just never thought about this before.

so for all my friends out there who are pregnant and need someone to watch their child at anytime of day or night because you have to get to the hospital, call on me. i'll come pick them up or be here for the drop dream was scary and i don't want anyone else to be fretting over that. so call on me and don't worry about it. who a year or so, i may be calling on you...very frantically!

who knew that a great night sleep could be so wonderful and so frightening at the same time!

traveling with baby

19 February 2009

steve, asher and i are traveling to florida in a month. it will be our first plane trip with baby, as well as having to deal with planning ashers food. we'll be staying with steve's folks in their condo, so we'll have a kitchen to prepare food, but i'm trying to think of what would be easiest. should we re-try commercial baby food? or should we have my mom-in-law go buy some veggies and fruit and i can take a few hours when we first arrive to prepare some food for asher?

for a bed, we're ordering this for asher. has anyone used it before? it looks so cool and i think we'll get a lot of use out of it for camping and beach trips, but will it be nice for a week of naps and night sleeping? i kept thinking about it last night and i couldn't sleep. how silly! there's a baby rental place near their condo, so we can always rent a crib, or all sleep together in
the king bed if the tent doesn't work out. for those of you who have traveled with little ones, what did you do?

and if you have any general suggestions for traveling with a young one, let me know. i'm excited for the vacation, but i'm feeling a bit apprehensive about the trek with babe in tow. i want to make sure we have what we need but not pack to the hilt with unnecessary items.

thanks in advance.

baby food

16 February 2009


we gave asher his first commercial baby food last night. i had purchased a few because they were on clearance at foods for living the other week. i've been thinking about starting to give him a bit of meat...i even purchased some organic chicken last week, but i've yet to make it for him. i've been dragging my feet. i'm not really sure if i want to start him on meat. i'm thinking of keeping him a veggie for a bit longer. but i'm wishy washy on it and last night i asked steve if i should try the commercial stuff on ash to see if he likes it. it was squash and turkey.

now normally, his food tastes great. i make everything he eats. his breakfast consists of barley oats, apples, pears, bananas, avacodo, cinnamon and yogurt all mixed together. it rocks and it's so nutritious for him. for lunch and dinner he gets a combo of a few of the following: sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, peas, rice, pears, apples, peaches and bananas. everything is fresh and flavorful and yummy. and we're working on adding more choices for him.

so last night before giving the
commercially made squash-turkey food to asher, i tried a sucked. totally sucked. i knew asher wouldn't like it even before it hit his lips, but i thought i'd try anyway. yup, he hated it. it actually made me pretty happy. it makes me realize that i'm doing something right for my son. i've enjoyed making his food and as i've said before, i'm not sure how long i'll keep it up...but the fact that the food i make is so much more tastier and he likes it so much more, brings me joy.

maybe i just need to get of my rump and make my own chicken squash mix. i'm sure asher would like it so much more.

asher week 36


asher week 35



15 February 2009


asher turned 8 months last week. wow. what a difference 8 months makes.

3 weeks old

8 months old

fried nerves


i still find it interesting that we can have an amazing day with our beautiful son...all goes grand. we enjoy grandparent time, he gets in a great hour and a half nap, does great at the restaurant but then blows a gasket when we go home, refusing sleep, even though he's amazingly tired...he cries...screams...and then laughs and wiggles...then again with the crying with big crocodile tears...ugh. he's an hour and a half past his nap time. steve finally put him in the car to get him down. the little stinker. why do kids do that? and how can they refuse sleep even when they're exhausted? i feel bad that steve's out there driving around. but i'm really enjoying the silence here. is that wrong of me?


12 February 2009

i found this on my friends blog and can't stop laughing. so sad. poor little boy, but oh, so funny! enjoy

how cute would asher look in this?

10 February 2009



02 February 2009

when i was preggo with Jorai my ob-gyn put me on a prenatal. it was ok. but it was a chewable and i never felt great on it. because another doc delivered Jorai and treated us so wonderfully and our ob at the time, never even called us after our loss, we decided to stay with the ob who delivered Jorai. upon getting pregnant with asher our current ob switched my prenatal to a better vitamin plus a dha pill. i loved it. i've felt so great on those vitamins. last week, steve brought home my refill and i was super angry to find a different vitamin in the bag. supposedly, sphn (our insurance co.) no longer covers vitamins that contain dha. which is so silly. i've never understood insurance companies. they seem to never cover preventative care, only medical care after your sick, but i digress.

angered, i called my ob, who told me to stop taking them and go to foods for living and get a prenatal and a dha. being a cheapy cheapsters, instead i got on vitacost and got this and this. the crazy thing is, my current prescription prenatal, which was crap and hardly had anything in it cost $14 for 90 pills. the one i just ordered was $19 for 150 pills and it had tons more nutrients. they haven't come yet, but i'm anxiously waiting. for the past few days i've been taking the crap prescription ones and i hate them, plus i hate knowing that asher isn't getting the dha i want him to have. blasted insurance companies. always trying to save a penny and not give people the best. i'm thinking we won't use prescription vitamins anymore. seems to me that the non-prescription ones are way better.

i also bought some freeze dried organic fruits for asher to start munching on. you can find gerber ones, but for now, i just want to keep asher on organics. they also have some at foods for living and better health, but they're just way over priced. i'm glad i was able to find these to save us some dough! sweet! i love vitacost.


we all know i have a wee bit of an addiction to brownies...but what i'd like to know is if my husband is trying to gently tell me something.

as i uncovered some brownies for a little 'yea! asher's down for a nap' treat, i found 2 very small. bite sized brownie pieces waiting for me. the question is, were these small morsels made by steve for himself, because he likes bite sized pieces...or were they made for me because of the ginormous brownie nuggets i like to eat and he's worried about my brownie intake? if they were made for me, i have to admit that they're both gone...and so is another chunk off the brownie mass. ha! too funny.

the strange thing is that with all my brownie splurges, i'm still losing weight. i've lost 2 pounds in the past 2 weeks. and let me tell you, i've eaten brownies every one of those days. i think i'm going to start a new diet frenzy. the brownie diet.