netti pot

30 April 2007

**noise:the air

have you ever seen one of these?

it's called a netti pot. i bought one this weekend to see if it would remove all the crud in my nose and hence...cease the snoring i seem to have taken up within the past month or so. this is the dissolve a sodium mixture in warm water and place it in this little pot. you slide the spout into your poor nostril and tilt your head allowing the water to flow into your nose. if you're in the 'right' position, the water flows through your nose and out the other nostril. if you're not in the right position, you feel a lot of pressure and then it all comes out your mouth. neither one of them is a pleasant experience. but i have to admit. i am breathing tons better than before. if you have nasal problems and want to try a natural way, i do recommend this option...but remember it is not comfortable. ohh...and when your pregnant and the water flows down your throat, you get the added gag reflux. but again, breathing is easier.

new eriv site

26 April 2007

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the new Riverview website is up and running y'all. go check it out here. great job Eric and Kristie. it's rockin'

calling all losties

25 April 2007

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We're staring up the Wednesday night parties again. We were taping the shows and watching them on Thursdays, but we just can't do that anymore. So, you are all invited to the Newman abode to watch Lost from 10-11 on Wednesdays for the next month. Come on over. Oh, and if you want to hit Jim and Dani's for Wednesday Night Dinner, do that too. Call or email for directions. They are awesome folks who make dinner for all us sinners every Wednesday. It's a great way to meet new folks and enjoy community. Well, and eat yummy food too!

I want, I want...please help!

**noise:grace master ~ kate havnevik

Steve and I have been looking all over for this print for the bebe's room. I can't find it! Both and AllPosters have it listed as unavailable...and nothing on Ebay...If anyone has seen this, let me know. We really want it. It's called 'My greatest friend' by John Drysdale.

These are the other 2 pictures we're putting up. We already have we just need the Dysdale print! It's kinda a Africanie scene.


24 April 2007

has anyone heard of g-dipers? Steven (a friend, not the hubby) was talking about them on saturday so i thought i'd do some research. they seem pretty cool. they look like cloth diapers although instead of the inner absorbent material being cloth, they're a contoured pad that can be flushed down the toilet or composted. you can also throw them in the trash...but what's the point?

Flushable refills contain tree farmed fluff pulp and Super absorber. These lock away cells hold up to 100 times their weight in liquid so your baby stays dry. The outer material of the flushable is all natural fibre and is 100% compostable. The stay dry feel keeps wetness away and ensures your baby is comfortable and happy both day and night.
the pad looks like a big menstrual pad that you just tuck in the creases of a liner that actually snaps to the outer cover. when it gets soiled, you pull it out of the liner and take out the liner for washing (the cover is usually clean and dry to use again). over a toilet tear each side of the pad down to release the absorbent material, which is biodegradable and natural. you swish it around a bit in the water and it dissolves. the outer plasticy material, which is also biodegradable, also gets flushed. if you choose to compost them as well.
gDiapers have no elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no smell, no garbage and no guilt. In fact, flushables are so gentle on the Earth you can even garden compost the wet ones in one compost cycle, approximately 50 – 150 days. Just think of the standing ovation you’ll get from the planet.
i think i still like the cloth diapering system better. in the long run, after a few kiddos, i think it's still the cheaper option. g-diapers run about $15/cover and $14/ box of 40 diapers. still a cool alternative and they looks cool too.

Just wanted to share.

why procrastination sometimes pays off...

last october i posted my ipod woes. the other day after months of procrastination to switch my ipod over to the mac, i thought i'd give it one more try. so with bated breath i plugged in my little music box and within a few seconds i looked in wonderment to see the mac actually seeing the device. i'm not sure if this was just a upgrade to the itunes software making it possible to switch from one computer to the next, or if it was some type of mac miracle. but i have to say for all of you planners and doers and got to get it done right now kind of folk...sometimes, just sometimes procrastination pays off.

porn for women

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found this in the latest XXX Church newsletter.

Oh, we have heard the comments…what about the women? Just wait, we are putting together an event designed for women. Women who struggle, mothers who need to be educated, and spouses that have been hurt. All three groups will be addressed only at Porn and Pastries. Email if you are interested in bringing any of these events to your church.


23 April 2007

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i believe this kiddo within me is going to be a gymnast, or a boxer, or kung fu expert...anything that involves a lot of spinning and kicking and thrashing. i swear this child is doing somersaults inside of me! it's so bizarre.

this isn't me...but this is what i feel like she's already doing!


19 April 2007

**mood: wrecked
**noise: my heart

it's been over 12 years since a friend of mine put a gun to his head. the first 5 years or so were hard. i thought of him daily at first. i couldn't stop...then the daily went to weekly then monthly. i still think of him often, but lately he's been on my mind. 12 years and he's still there. maybe it's guilt for not being as close to him that last year. maybe if college life didn't consume me, i'd be around more for him. maybe i'd be able to see the 'warning' signs. maybe it's this growing person within me that brings up all these emotions, or maybe i just miss him. i don't know. but these tears keep coming. yesterday a person i work with made the gesture of putting a gun in his mouth, and although i've seen him do it before, this time it bothered me enough to tell him not to do it around me anymore. just a few days ago steve and i were talking about how his death bothered me and what torture it would have been to be the one who found him. and today, out of no where, i ran into a picture of jeff on myspace. you see, he's still here. people still can't get him out of their hearts and minds. after 12 years, people are still trying to heal.

he did have it rough. so rough that there were times that even at 16, i wanted to walk through his parents door swinging for both him and his brother. but what makes a person like that give up. everyone loved him. jeff made you laugh, he was talented beyond his years and had his whole life ahead of him. i'll never forget that call i got from his brother telling me he was gone. it was surreal. i felt as if i were in a dream. i didn't know what to say. it didn't hit for a few weeks what really happened. and now over 12 years have passed and it still feels like a dream. people still can't let go. i don't think i ever will. jeff has a grip on me that will never let go. times like this suck. yet at the same time i relish them, because in a way, it makes me feel close to him once again.

food craziness

**noise:broken things ~ julie miller

i think the baby is growing like crazy. within the past few days, i cannot eat enough. i've been trying to be really careful not to over indulge, but i just can't help myself. i can eat every hour and still get to the point where i think i'll pass out if i don't eat now. this is crazy!

it's only noon and today i've eaten:
an egg sandwich w/ havarti cheese
a cookie ~ thanks heather!!
a handful of kashi crackers
2 granola bars

and now i'm starting on lunch...a turkey sandwich, tomatoes, some natural cheetos (yummy!), carrot sticks and probably the other cookie heather gave me. i need help. and why am i craving rice crispie treats?

le bebe newman

18 April 2007

Here are the ultrasound pics from yesterday. I told le bebe to hide all their special areas from us, and they were are well hidden! the baby was so scrunched up (which is funny since that's how I sleep!) we could barely see the face, let alone any other protrusions... so the mystery continues!

enjoy!! and yes, there's only one!

a pic of the foot. above the foot you can see the heel of the other foot and on the actual picture, you can see the piggies in the background, although you can't see them very well in the scanned pic

leg and foot. this was actually funny because I keep feeling a kick, kick, kick. and while she was doing the ultrasound on the leg, our little one decided to show us just what that kick, kick, kick was. stinker! now I know what they're doing!

this is's the entire baby. head, spine, arms and legs. you can see all the bones.
the face can see an eye, nose, cheek and mouth. the hand is curled up by the right cheek
what a cool experience!

congratulations dereck and connie perkins

**noise:the hallway

cool pics from the wedding.

danielson famile

16 April 2007

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**noise:the HVA in my office

steve is a huge danielson famile fan. honestly, i can't stand them. or really, brother daniel's voice drives me so up the wall i could scream. which kinda sucks since well...#1 steve loves them and #2 i think they're brilliant. i just cannot stand daniels voice most of the time. so when steve got excited to hear that there is a documentary about the famile, i was a bit flustered...knowing he'd want me to watch it and knowing i'd probably sit there ripping at my ears...but i was wrong. the documentary rocked. i recommend everyone to watch it. danielson famile fan or not. although it really should be called a danielson family and sufjan stevens documentary since sufjan is in the majority of it. brother daniel truly is a brillant man. his music and style and ideas are amazing and the meer fact that many of their followers are non-believers is stunning. and now that i know that sufjan spent so much time with the famile, i can really see them in his music and style.

seriously, go check out this documentary. it's worth it. and if you want to check out another documentary, we're watching 'the end of suburbia' after the 6ish service this saturday at our house.



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**noise:i believe in love ~ the indigo girls

i felt i needed to post this for all of you to see just how much of a hypocrite i am. i shopped at walmart yesterday. and after about a 2 month conversation back and forth with steve, we've decided to buy certain things at the store. as we continue to live on 1 salary and the fact that we'll soon have another one to clothe and feed, we decided to do some cost comparisons of a few things.

yesterday we picked out a crib at babies r us. very cute and one of the cheapest, yet sturdy, cribs we could find. the cost...$299.99. we could have gotten one of their credit cards which would have given us 10% off. the mattress we chose was one of the lowest end mattresses, at 79.99. so lets see. 299.99+79.99 = 379.98-10%= approx.342.00. they didn't have the crib in stock so we put our names on the list and decided to finally make a run over to the local walmart to just start checking out prices. by the way, we also heard walmart is selling organics now...

we found a crib. almost the same as the one at babies r us. super cool, plus it came in at 150 bux. we looked at the mattresses and they were selling the exact same mattress we were going to buy at the other store but here it was only 69.99. so for 220 bux we got the crib and mattress rather than the 342 bux at babies r us. seeing that we already were saving 122 bux in the place,
my interest was peaked, so i ventured over to the food.

  • 1/2 gallon of organic milk (horizon) is usually almost 4 bux depending where you go...Walmart was just over 3
  • creamer is usually 2.50 1.69
  • Kashie cereal ~ 4-5 bux depending where you 2.88
  • the fake bacon i like...which i can't even find has...
  • they have organic grape and v8 juice...

it's crazy what they have and they aren't even fully stocked. there's no meat or produce yet. it will be interesting to compare prices in a few months.

so yes. to all of you who care. i'm a hypocrite. i'm sorry i go off on things then become selfish and change my mind when it fits my lifestyle. you can publicly lash me if you'd like. and if you see me in walmart, feel free to shun me.


12 April 2007

**noise:jesusland ~ ben folds five

i've always been a huge animal fan. i had them
throughout my childhood and i had a cat all through college...which i found a good home for because my husband is deathly allergic. has been his entire life. he can be around them for an hour or two, but then it affects his breathing. i've heard him wheeze so bad before, i thought we'd have to make a run for the er. he's allergic to dogs too, but not so bad. we both love dogs, but it's just not worth it unless we found a hypoallergenic one. and even that, i'm not sure if it would be worth the try. but i still daydream sometimes about having a dog. my favorite would have to be either a golden, aussie or great dane...but for some reason i've always liked pugs too. any thing with a face like that and snores is cool in my book...i ran into this picture on the web today and just had to share...who could say no to this face?


**noise:all my friends ~ amos lee

i can already tell that the advice folks will be giving us with this child will wear on us. it's amazing that folks think that they will know how to raise your child better than you. when i told someone i was going to breast feed, she tried to scare me away from doing it for more than 3 months because if i breastfeed for longer my breasts will sag. when telling someone we're going to cloth diaper, we were told that 'i would never do that to my children. i wouldn't be able to stand seeing my child with diaper rash everyday'. then today when i was explaining that we'll be bed-sharing for the first month or so since it will be easier on both me and the baby since i'll be breastfeeding, i was told 'well, i think you'll reconsider that. they say now that that practice is so dangerous'. which is funny since it came from someone who hasn't raised a infant in 30 odd years. and the studies actually say that if you do it correctly infants are less likely to die of SIDS and they actually breathe and sleep better with the parents.

don't get me wrong. i think knowledgeable advice is good. we've never been parents before. we'll need advice at times! i welcome advice. but if someone tells you something they are planning on doing, unless you know what the heck you're talking about don't say anything. you can disagree with folks, but unless you've done the research, check yourself.

in all honesty, i don't care if my breasts sag. as long as i know i gave my child the best i can give, i can live with non-perky breasts. and the diaper's harder on us, but it's the best choice for our finances, the environment and the child. yes, moisture is wicked away quickly with pampers, but what are those chemicals wicking the moisture away and that rests so close to your child's skin? and if your child has bad diaper rash with cloth diapers, you're leaving them on too long! with the bed-sharing, i know it's not main stream, it's gotten a bad rap from crib manufacturers and there's been some bad press about it, but if you actually read the studies and realize that the majority of foreign counties bed-share, folks would see there is more risk of leaving your baby in a blanketed crib in the other room than in the bed with you.

oye, sorry this is so long. i didn't mean for it to be! it's just so frustrating when folks ask you what you're planning on doing only to tell you you're making the wrong choice. especially when they have no wisdom in the subject.


11 April 2007

so this is what our babe may look cool!


here are some crazy statistics about pornography. Sex is such an excepted act in our society that it bleeds into every household through our televisions, magazines, internet and even our friends. I hope some of these stats affect you.

pay close attention to the end. this affects women more than we think. we are making great strides with prevention and support groups with men...maybe it's time to start looking at helping more women who are affected by this.

Internet Pornography statistics become outdated very quickly,especially in the Internet environment where numbers change daily.These statistics have been derived from a number of different reputable sources including Google, WordTracker, PBS, MSNBC, NRC, and Alexa research.

Pornography Industry Statistics

  • Size of the Industry ~ $57.0 billion
  • World-wide - $12.0 billion
  • US Adult Videos ~ $20.0 billion
  • Escort Services $11.0 billion
  • Magazines $ 7.5 billion
  • Sex Clubs $ 5.0 billion
  • Phone Sex $ 4.5 billion
  • Cable Pay Per View $ 2.5 billion
  • Internet $ 2.5 bill
  • Novelties $ 1.0 billion
  • Other $ 1.5 billion
Porn revenue is larger than all combined revenues of all professional football, baseball and basketball franchises.US porn revenue exceeds the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC ( 6.2 billion). Child pornography generates $3 billion annually

Internet Porn Statistics:
  • Pornographic websites ~ 4.2 million
  • Pornographic pages ~ 372 million
  • Daily pornographic search engine requests ~ 68 million (25% of total search engine requests)
  • Daily pornographic emails ~ 2.5 billion (8% of total emails)
  • Average daily pornographic emails/user ~ 4.5 per Internet user
  • Monthly Pornographic downloads (Peer-to-peer) ~ 1.5 billion (35% of all downloads)
  • Daily child pornography requests ~ 116 thousand
  • Websites offering illegal child pornography ~ 100 thousand
  • Sexual solicitations of youth made in chat rooms ~ 89%
  • Youths who received sexual solicitation ~ 20%
  • Worldwide visitors to pornographic web sites ~ 72 million annually
Children's Exposure to Pornography
  • Average age of first Internet exposure to pornography~ 11 years old
  • st consumer of Internet pornography ~12-17 age group
  • 15-17 year olds having multiple hard-core exposures ~ 80%
  • 7-17 year olds who would freely give out home address ~ 29%
  • 7-17 year olds who would freely give out email address ~14%
Adult Internet Porn Statistics
  • Men admitting to accessing pornography at work ~20%
  • US adults who regularly visit Internet pornography websites ~ 40 million
  • Promise Keeper men who viewed pornography in last week ~ 53%
  • Christians who said pornography is a major problem in the home ~ 47%
  • Adults admitting to Internet sexual addiction ~ 10%
  • Breakdown of male/female visitors to pornography sites ~ 72% male - 28% female
  • 13% of Women admit to accessing pornography at work.
  • 70% of women keep their cyber activities secret.
  • 17% of all women struggle with pornography addiction.
  • Women, far more than men, are likely to act out their behaviors in real life, such as having multiple partners, casual sex, or affairs.
  • Women favor chat rooms 2X more than men.
  • 1 of 3 visitors to all adult web sites are women.
  • 9.4 million women access adult web sites each month.

choxo n kicks

**noise: chasing cars ~ snow patrol

steve felt the babe kick last night. super cool. the doc told me to make mexican chocolate into hot chocolate to get my system flowing a bit i tried last night before bed. i'm thinking the chocolate, sugar and caffeine really got the babe in a roll because she was all over my belly. it was really cool.

this morning i caught steve walking into the babes room. he just stood there. as if he was looking in at the kiddo. it was a cool sight.


10 April 2007

i'm starting to feel kicks! just lil' ones. i was in a strange position in bed on monday morning that seemed to propel the babe up a bit and while my hand was resting on my belly, i felt 2 kicks. then on my way to work, my pants were pushing in a bit and i felt more pushing from the inside. i keep feeling little pushes. it's so bizarre. so cool. steve still hasn't felt anything which is a bummer. i can't wait for him to start feeling the kiddo.

anyway...just an update.

baby update

04 April 2007

**mood: happy
**noise: nothing...simply the quiet.

i hit the 20 week mark on saturday. we're half way there, which is a bit frightening as well as exciting. so far i've only gained 12 pounds. 10 in my first trimester, so in the past few months, i've only gained 2. which is nice. i wanna stay on track on my weight and not go too hog wild! also, my blood pressure was 90/50! wowza!! i usually have lower blood pressure ~ 110/80 (normal is 120/80) but 90/50, that's crazy! but the doc said it was fine. just know if you see me passed out in the hall somewhere, help me out!

we have an ultrasound on the 17th. we're excited about that. we don't want to know the sex, but it will just be cool to see the kiddo hanging out in there. hopefully we don't get a spread eagle shot where we see an appendage...we like the suspense.

well, anyway...just wanted to give an update. all is well with the kid. and the kiddos room is looking nice too!!

my story

03 April 2007

**mood: ready to leave work!
**noise:the hallway

Noel wanted us to post 'our stories' today for what Tim Challies is calling Testimony Tuesday. So here I go..sorry, but it's as concise as I can get right now...

I grew up in a 'christian home'. What I mean by this, is we that we went to church, period. Other than knowing what the meaning of Christmas and Easter was, because I learned it in Sunday school, I didn't understand religion, faith or God. I was forced to go to church all through high school
and during the services all I did was doodle and talk to friends. I did go to a youth group, but unfortunately it didn't involve Christ. It involved games and eating and movies…really, just a way for us church kids to get together I guess. In my youth I was a 'good kid'. Although I wasn't a great student, I was involved, played sports and didn't get in too much trouble. I was the typical girl though...seeking out male attention to feel worth. Not so much in a sexual way, but I always had to be in a relationship. I felt secure at home, but not in a Godly way. I was brought up in an extremely strict household and unfortunately because of it, when I moved out of the house for college I went crazy, dabbling into way too many things.

I seemed to also be the brunt of too many 'christians' who wanted to tell me that I was going to hell for this or that. I was the hippie chick who saw too many shows and wsa just going down the wrong path I guess. I was the heathen. My drug dabbelings and christian frustrations progressed through College and then to Washington as I moved out west to 'find myself'. I tried other religions. Native culture and their faith interested me, so did wicca. I tried other churches too but I never found peace in it. After 3 years I felt the pull of family so I moved back to Michigan and without going into too much detail here, I was hurt very badly by a man. Financially and emotionally I was crushed. The emptiness hit like a brick. I had fallen to the rocks and hit a bitter bottom. It was here where I realized that I had nothing to grasp.

So I grasp for alcohol and relationships that I knew were wrong. I was living in a horrible town, working for a horrible organization and my heart was broken. So I did anything I could do to numb myself.

After 6 months of drowning my sorrows, I got a new job in Lansing. And there I met Steve. He was extremely sly in our dealings and it didn't hurt that I had a major crush on him…but he showed me bits and pieces of this other life. A life turned towards God. My interest was peaked. I was a bit freaked out at times and kept a bit of a distance with the Christian stuff, but then I heard Noel speaking to me through the speakers of my car about some church where I could drink coffee…well, that sounded pretty nice to me, so I thought I'd check it out.

It was a combination of an extremely patient and caring man and the warmth and sincere feeling of being welcome I felt from Riverview that brought me to the first steps of my faith.

I know now that in 2003, God had to crush everything around me, so that I may open my eyes to Him. To truly see Him. I never knew Him. I never cared. I believed there was a higher power, but that's where it ended. I didn't care to give it much more thought. But in 2003, I saw Him and these past 4 years, have been amazing.

So here I am. Still struggling in life every day but not to find peace. I've found Him. I never thought I'd be calling Christians close friends because they always seem so condemning. And now here I am, a Christian. But hopefully, I can give other non-believers the same patience, love and unconditional acceptance as Steve, Riverview and many others gave me. it a beautiful thing, love. It allows you to see past the gunk and to the heart. It's only then that you can truly help someone find peace.