bibles for porn stars

26 April 2006

after tons of harrassment from 'christian' prininting companies, the boys at are finally getting some 'message' bibles printed to hand out at the porn shows their attending this summer.

Here is the text that is most likely going on the back of the Bible:
Does Jesus really love porn stars? Absolutely. Now that may go against what you thought about Jesus but it is true. You see Jesus loves porn stars as much as he loves pastors, soccer moms, liars, thieves, and prostitutes. In his eyes, we are all the same. We’re all just people in need of a savior who can come into our world and fix our messed up lives. So what you’re holding in your hands is a new testament written in contemporary language. Author Eugene Peterson wanted to get the Bible back to that kind of everyday, common language that all of us use when we're not trying to sound religious. Whether you have been reading the Bible for years or are exploring it for the first time, The Message will startle and surprise you. And it will allow you to experience firsthand the same relevance that motivated its original readers to change the course of history.

Are you tied? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. Jesus
They're selling the Bibles for $20 to help fund this mission...but with that $20 you not only are getting a Bible, you're getting the Bible into the hands of 12 others. Go help support the cause @ not familar with the cause?? check it out!

just a date and some beer

21 April 2006

alright y'all, we have a date... september 24th...yes it's a's also my pappy's birthday~ wedding at riverview, in the back lot...if we're acceptable...pray for that! reception at the grand ledge opera house. and just for a pappys making a stout and a weizenfor the reception... sweet!

another enjoyable way to burn a few minutes...

19 April 2006

hairball bowling


tee hee

thanks to my friend micha for this one!

1- Go to Google

2- Type in the word "Failure"

3- Instead of clicking "Google Search," click "I'm Feeling Lucky."

4- :)

5- Spread the word before the people at Google "fix" it.

i'm just a shy judgemental brat

17 April 2006

i sat in the park for lunch reading more of The Gutter by Craig Gross, and ran across this, which i think is cool, since i was just blogging about it this cool how God works...

he (rob beckey)...likens the modern church to an aquarium. It's decorated nicely, kept clean, and contains only fish that get along with each other, ultimately becoming so pleasant that no one wants to leave. but lest we forget--there is an ocean called 'the real world', a place where fish don't always get along, where bad things can and do happen

We've heard the rallying cry over and over again, to be in the world, but not of the world. but how can you even be in the world if you don't go to the world? when Jesus told us to go into the world, He didn't mean we needed to sit around thinking about it, or read books about it, or bring it up in the next board meeting--He meant for us to go, to smash the walls of our pretty little aquariums and start swimming in the ocean.

although i don't only hang out with believers or keep my space nice, clean and sin free (like that would ever happen! always striving though!). i do, distance myself from people i could probably help, since i've been there, but for whatever reason, am selfish and don't want to deal.

i think this is my main problem. for the most part, i don't agree with what a lot of 'christians' say, think and do. i think a lot of it is mechanical, dead, judgmental and lacks a complete sense of love and grace. but instead of doing something about it, i sit back and ignore them and well, honestly, judge them ( just like with the above comments!)...just as they judge others. i suck

for example, this weekend at church we were standing behind a couple who were laughing at people that were dancing and raising their hands. it totally shocked me and i started thinking if they would spend half as much time worshipping rather than judging others, maybe they would get something out of worship...well, of course IMMEDIATELY God tapped me on my little judgmental shoulder to let me know that i was judging them just as much as they were judging others. argh! again, i suck!

so back to the above,,,how do i crack myself out of my shell, shake of the judgmental thoughts out of my head, love ALL people (even the pat robertsons of the world!(sorry, again, here i go judging!)) and show people who Christ is, rather than sowing them more judgements?

i tell ya what, God has his work cut out with a project like me!

sweet spot

i've been reading and struggling for the past few this may take a few words to get out.

#1 My reading: for a great read and to go with the ONE service Riv did on the 9th, go get The Gutter by Craig Gross (pastor at XXX Church). what a great book to get ya off your duff and into the slums of life.

#2 My Struggle: dealing with the internet ~ all it's good things along with all the bad things. which is going well. thanks for asking! but myspace...oye. i love it and hate it. the bulletin board i want to throw out the window. that sweet spot, i'm in constant search for, at times i want to pick up and drop kick...

i was brought up in an extremely strict household. many people know of the discipline i endured...for those of you who don' was harsh...which i don't think they meant to be that harsh...but i digress. because of growing up in such a strict household, i didn't dabble into things in high school. not from a lack of wanting too, but more for the fear that if my mom found out, i'd be killed. so i was a good kid. maybe scared into being a good kid.

when i moved out of the house for college (a whole 4 blocks away from my family home!) I went crazy, within 3 days i was dabbling into way too many things...which i won't get into here. but it was kim's crazy time that lasted about 7 years. then the emptiness hit. the emptiness where you think you've found happiness, but it's just an empty happy. you walk through the emotions of being happy but you're really just holding onto threads and then the threads frey and although you're still hanging on, the threads aren't attached to anything. so you fall to that rocks and hit bottom. it's only then that you realize just how yucky your life is.

so why am i saying this? In 2003, God had to crush everything around me, so that i may open my eyes to Him. to truly see Him. i never knew Him. i never cared. i believed there was a higher power, but that's where it ended. i didn't care to give it much more thought. but in 2003, i saw Him and these past 3 years, have been amazing, amazingly easy and amazingly hard.

amazing to see how my life has changed, everything is new, i feel a joy i have never had. God has completely changed my life. i love it.

amazing easy to give, to let go of past hang ups and hurts. easy to turn my cheek to past indulgences (with a few exceptions)..but also

amazingly difficult to find that sweet spot in life. the one where you have to live in the world but not be of it. to separate myself from indulgences but only enough so i don't fall into then, while not so much as to cut all ties so that i may not be able to help others. things like drugs, porn, filthy language (yes i had a mouth)...

i just find that at times, i'm trying to get too close or trying to get too far away. i keep trying to find that sweet spot. but maybe it'll be a lifelong battle. getting into the gutter to help others but not staying to long for you know how easy it would be to stay.

ohhh, thanks, i've been thinking about that for a while...thanks for listening.

steve and i decided to hit the road for our first ride of the season this weekend. we've been spinning at the y but that just covers the stamina thing not the distance thing. so we decided to ride our to mason to snow's sugar bush for some syrup, thinking it would be a nice 15 mile ride to break us in...30 miles later we were home. a bit of lapse in judgement. but to my surprise, it was actually a nice ride. it was smooth and fast. i was tired at the end, but for the most part, it was enjoyable. but then the night hit along with a nice jolt of pain. my knees and lower back were throbbing so much they kept me up all night. yikes! oye, guess i'm getting broken in...

i finally got my nose bone changed to a screw on friday at splash. it's a bit tender right now, but it feels so much more secure. hopefully it will have much less aggravation so it can actually i'm looking for another auricle ring...something pink and sparkly.

bumper phun

14 April 2006

i'm a fan of the bumper sticker. i can't really pin point why, other than i like to make people think, and i guess it's one of the easiest ways to accomplish it. so i have a few...and i've noticed that 2 in particular get quite a bit of play. cars slowly creep closer and closer, trying to make them out. people squish their faces as close to the window as they can get and squint. it's the funniest thing. then if you watch close, you'll either get a nod with the ever telling thoughtful look or the smile nod. this cracks me up. the two in particular are on either side of my car. the passenger side has a sticker that says 'change the way you see, not the way you look' . on the drivers side sits a sticker that reads, 'Jesus is the saviour not christianity'. this morning, stopped at a light, i noticed the car behind me was so close, i wouldn't be surprised if he was actually touching my bumper. as i looked into the rear view mirror, i noticed that the driver was arching his back and sprawling over the steering wheel to make out the sticker. the passenger was all but pressed against the window and holding her glasses just right. it was the funniest thing.

i can't stop picturing their faces and laughing.

I'm still thinking about the new sticker from revolution:


13 April 2006

this is how ridiculous my job is. i just spent 4 hours on the road for a 3 hour meeting. and on top of my normal pay, i get mileage. i get mileage to and from benton harbor and i only had to work 3 hours. not that i'm complaining! it's just so ridiculous how many meetings i go to, how far i have to drive to them and how incredibly unless most of them are. ya gotta love corporate america...


steve and i are trying to do this wedding for under $5000. dress, tux, reception and all. i have been so surprised to realize how expensive everything is. i found the dress i really wanted. super simple but elegant, thinking it would be around $6-700...yeah was a designer dress from italy. of course i know how to pick them! and hey, it was only $1700! yikes. we went to a tree farm we were thinking about having the reception...$2000! this is crazy. i find it interesting how weddings have become such a corporation. i know why people run away to vegas.

but still penny pinching...we're going to make it for $5000. well, at least i hope...

selfish brat

07 April 2006

this weekend we're having some missionaries stay at my house. we don't know them or even what they do, we just had a friend ask of they could stay. so among trying to find a location for the reception, moving me completely out of my house and getting it ready to sell, and of course the ONE service at riv and visiting with the Psalters on Sunday, we're having guests. and although i was cool about them staying and excited to hear about their ministry, in that back of my head i just kept on thinking 'man, what bad timing. there is so much to do. why do they have to come this week?'. wa wa wa...selfish little brat, crying baby i my head, but still, none-the-less it's what was going through my mind. so as i was showering today, and thinking about what had to be done before they arrive and of course what a bad time this is, God tapped on my little selfish shoulder and said, kim, how can this be bad timing when it's my timing?

i love that. in such a gentle way, He can make me realize how much of a clot i am and at the same time learn how to change, so that hopefully, i won't be such a selfish little brat, crying baby. He could have whapped me upside the head and called me a feverish clot. but instead, He allowed me to enjoy my shower while teaching me a gentle lesson. although i think i deserved the whap upside the head! i'm such a selfish brat!

sleepy girl

06 April 2006

my brain seems fried and my eyes are already burning after looking at this computer for only 21 minutes so far…i need sleep. steve and i are moving all my stuff out of the house this week. we're doing pretty well. almost done. now we just have to clean and fix a few things on the house before putting the ads up on it. that way we can be totally out of the house and not worry about cleaning it before a showing and yadda yadda yadda…

we still haven't found the location for the wedding/reception. we want things so untraditional, that it's hard to find the right place. and the outside gig may not work out either..but we have to find something soon, we need to set the date to be able to talk to the pastor about his availability or not…it will be nice in a few weeks to have a good start on the plans. but right now I feel like i'm running in circles… i love every bit of it…which is funny! this is super exciting but i 'm tired…so if i'm not keeping up with blogging…that's why

on a side note, lost just keeps getting crazier and crazier… i love that show.